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January 2002 
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  • Aromatic Diffuser
  • New Year's Resolution - Weight Loss
  • It's The Season For Cold And Flu Busters
  • Specials of the Month

  • Aromatic Diffuser
    Get the World's Oldest Flu Alternative! This state-of-the-art system delivers aromatic oil molecules into the air. Not only do diffused oils have an effect on your emotions, but they also offer a defense to your home during the winter season.

    Diffuse Purification, Lemon, Grapefruit, Raven, R.C., Thieves, ...

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    New Year's Resolution - Weight Loss
    For optimal physical shape, it is important to include five components in a weekly fitness program. Get the YOUNG LIFESTYLES TRANSFORMATION PROGRAM!

    The Young Lifestyles Transformation Program is a complete plan to guide you toward your health and fitness goals. Read about Young Living's Powergize, Fitness, and Weight Management Program today!

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    It's The Season For Cold And Flu Busters
    The cold and flu season is here! Boost your immune system by helping your body build its natural defenses with two powerful Young Living products, Exodus (code #3205) and ImmuneTune (code #3212).

    Both are designed to support the immune system, and help keep you running at 100%. Order your cold and flu busters now!

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    Specials of the Month
    Pine (#3618), Peppermint (#3614), Essence of the Season (#3118), ThermaBurn (#3230). To become a Wholesale Member, just place an order and we'll set up your wholesale account!

    30-OIL BAGS AVAILABLE: Heavily padded, zippered bags (Code #3817) designed to hold up to thirty 5 ml or 15 ml bottles of essential oil are now available. Convenient and attractive, they are great for travel or everyday use, and they also make wonderful gifts.

    "ELIXIR OF LIFE" NOW ON AUDIO TAPE: Young Living has made it easier than ever to introduce the fabulous, health-giving, "elixir of life," Berry Young Juice to prospects and friends. Learn about the extraordinary antioxidant and immune-boosting powers of the Ningxia wolfberry. (Code #3916)

    We are giving away FREE Aroma-Essence REMOTE CONTROL RECRUITING SYSTEMS to our Members. Be SURE to email for details!!! AWESOME!

    Happy New Year from Your Friends at Aroma-Essence! When times get rough this year, remember!

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    Colds and Flu - 10 Things To Do

    Remember when you were small and you caught a cold, and your mother fed you chicken noodle soup, and it made you feel better? Well, research confirms that mother knew best ...

    Colds and flu can make you miserable. The coughing, the fever, the fatigue, the itchy, watery eyes and nose, the sneezing - in addition to being annoying, colds are very common.

    In the last 2 weeks of November 2001, a third of the entire USA population had a cold or a flu. The average person gets 2.5 colds per year, and each cold lasts about 7-10 days. In a year, the US averages approx. 600 million colds. That's a lot of tissue!

    Cold and Flu Season Strategies:
    A healthy immune system is your first line of defense against colds and flu.

    Here are your 10 Things To Do for Colds and Flu ...

    Get it here ....

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