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Essentially Yours
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June 2002 
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  • The Oil Story ...
  • Problems and Solutions
  • Meet the Opportunity of a Lifetime ... Young Living!

  • The Oil Story ...

    At the dawn of civilization, when people first discovered the enchanting and powerful fragrances of plants, the Oil Story begins.

    From the earliest days on earth, our ancestors used the fragrant plants to heal, uplift, anoint, and empower their lives. Why should fragrance, or aroma, be so powerful, and so sought after by people all over the world throughout history?

    The Answer is Here! »

    Problems and Solutions

    Discover the power of nature's fragrant molecules to be free of every day problems, big and small ...

    Is there a natural way to achieve a healthy, vibrant, youthful and energetic life, even with all the profound and testing challenges we face?

    Yes! The way to achieve a healthy life is to make healthy choices every day such as ...

    Solutions Step-by-Step ... »

    Meet the Opportunity of a Lifetime ... Young Living!

    A national survey shows that 85% of Americans have thought about having their own business. Perhaps because of uncertain economic times, the hope of creating financial security, or a desire to live a completely different, independent lifestyle.

    When you order Young Living products, remember to register as a DISTRIBUTOR ($5), not a Preferred Member! A Preferred Member must pay 15% more (15% above wholesale price) and does not earn referral commissions.

    Forward this Aroma-Essence Newsletter to your family and friends! Happy Father's Day!

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    What People Say
    "I've never seen anything like Young Living or its products---and I have seen almost everything.

    As a senior advisor to Weider International's Muscle & Fitness magazine, I've tried virtually every protein bar and drink on the market during the last 20 years.

    Without a doubt, Young Living's products and commitment to health are in a class of their own, especially the essential oils, Power Meal, and Wolfberry Bars."

    Dr. Robert Delmonteque Senior Medical Advisor to Muscle & Fitness and Journal of Longevity Research

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