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July 2002 
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  • The World's Strongest Antioxidant - Berry Young Juice
  • Give Your Immune System A Boost With ImmuPro!
  • Why Automatic Monthly Direct Ship is for YOU!
  • Berry Young Juice Sample Packs- Call 888-999-0602

  • The World's Strongest Antioxidant - Berry Young Juice

    Ancient Wisdom - Modern Superfood - Berry Young Juice. Ningxia wolfberries from China have the highest antioxidant capacity of all known fruits and vegetables. (Tufts University) Now available on Direct Ship!

    "I highly recommend drinking Berry Young Juice on a daily basis for those, like me, wishing to enjoy a long and healthy life. It is never too late to get started on the road to great health, because life is ageless."

    Robert Delmonteque, Senior Editor of Muscle and Fitness Magazine, and Advisory Board Member of the Journal of Longevity

    A Toast To Your Health »

    Give Your Immune System A Boost With ImmuPro!

    ImmuPro is a great tasting chewable supplement packed with immune supporting polysaccharides including beta glucan. This advanced formula contains some of the most powerful immune stimulants known.

    The unique combination of five superpowers of the immune system is absolutely unparalleled. (Ask me for the ImmuPro research packet.) It's another example of Young Living's commitment to lead the way to greater health, wellness and longevity. Available on monthly Direct Ship.

    How To Be Healthy At 130 ... »

    Why Automatic Monthly Direct Ship is for YOU!

    All our products are available on a convenient monthly Direct Ship Program. Here is a suggestion:
    • 2 Berry Young Juice (Code #3299 - $15 ea. WS)
    • 1 ImmuPro Chewables (Code #3213 - $25 WS)
    Add Berry Young Delights for a healthy snack, and PowerMeal for your fitness.

    My personal monthly Direct Ship list includes Prenolone, soap, bath gel, toothpaste and mouthwash, ImmuPro, Berry Young Juice, Berry Young Delights, CortiStop for Women, and the essential oils Purification, Lemon, Peppermint, Grapefruit, and special oils for wellness improvement I am working on at the time (plus oils and supplements for my family and pets).

    Commit To Life ... Start Today! »

    Berry Young Juice Sample Packs- Call 888-999-0602

    We have 25 Berry Young Juice sample packs available. Anyone who knows someone with cancer, request it first. Anyone wanting to discover the secret of health and longevity, request this package. It includes an audio tape, scientific literature, and a Berry Young Juice sample. While supplies last.

    Forward this Aroma-Essence Newsletter to your family and friends!

    For A Berry Young Juice Sample Pack ... Click Here. »

    NEW ~ ImmuPro

    ImmuPro is a great tasting strawberry treat with extraordinary immune boosting power in the convenience of a chewable tablet.

    A Vegan Formula

    Contains a unique polysaccharide derived from wolfberries.

    Rejuvenates your immune system.

    Supports your body's natural ability to fight illness.

    Helps maintain peak performance.

    Helps you feel better, be healthier and live longer.

    Get Your ImmuPro TODAY!

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