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August 2002 
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  • West Nile Virus In Your Backyard!
  • Back To School - How to protect and support
  • Distributor Corner: Get Your Turnkey Recruiting System

  • West Nile Virus In Your Backyard!

    The West Nile Virus rapidly spreads across the United States. The disease originated in Uganda in the West Nile region and was first reported in the United States in 1999.

    The West Nile virus is transmitted when mosquitoes bite an infected bird and then bite another animal or human. The disease can be fatal. Symptoms include headache, swollen glands, muscle aches and rash. People over the age of 50 are most susceptible to serious illness from West Nile virus.

    I urge you to read the special report, "An Open Letter To Parents - Protecting Your Family Against Lethal Infectious Disease". If you have not done so, NOW is the time ...

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    Back To School - How to protect and support

    Today, we know that by diffusing a micro-fine, vaporized mist of therapeutic-grade essential oils into an enclosed atmosphere, potentially life-threatening viruses and bacteria are rendered harmless.

    • Diffuse an essential oil before the kids leave for school to protect, and again when they return to kill bacteria inhaled while at school and on clothes. Breathing air diffused with essential oils attacks any virus or bacteria lining the respiratory tract which may have been inhaled outside of the infectious free zone. It also keeps the infection from spreading to other family members. Try Thieves, Purification, ImmuPower, Lemon, and Raven.

    • Brain Power - How many of us would love to have better memory and mental stamina - in short, better brain power? How often do you look at your children or grandchildren and realize that they are struggling to think, to study, to remember, to comprehend?

    • Mighty Vites or Mighty Mist - A high quality multi vitamin, mineral, and amino acid supplement that gives your children the nutrition they need during critical growing-up years.

    • KidScents - Just for Kids - Gentle, safe, and effective all-natural personal care and nutritional products made especially for children. NEW: Kids Toothpaste!

    Help Your Child Succeed ... »

    Distributor Corner: Get Your Turnkey Recruiting System

    Check out your new fully automated, turnkey recruiting and training system. Must see to believe. Experience the system first hand. You won't believe it! LAST CALL! Do not miss this!

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    Essential Oils

    Nature's Health Insurance Program
    (Protection Against Health Disaster)

    In Texas, fear of a deadly outbreak of a fast-acting bacteria has families in near panic. 19 people, a third of them children, have died in Austin and Houston since Christmas from a bacteria called streptococcus.

    A special hot line has been set-up and is fielding 300 calls a day from concerned citizens. The concern is over two severe forms of strep, a "flesh-eating bacteria" and the other which causes toxic shock syndrome. This is not fiction, but is happening.

    In Illinois, the same thing is happening. 10 people have died in Decatur from the same deadly form of bacterial outbreak. 2 deaths were also reported in Chicago in February. Other outbreaks have been reported in California, Washington and Massachusetts.

    Read on ...

    Essential Oils - Nature's Health Insurance

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