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Hi, I am Maria Schasteen and I am honored to be your Young Living sponsor! I have been with Young Living since January of 1997. I love the oils! I love nature. And there is no way I would not tell the world about the miracles of essential oils. I have seen so many!

As your sponsor, I will make sure you get what you need. If you are looking for hard-to-find information, I will bring it to you. If you wonder which oils to use in your situation, I will show you the options. If I come across new and exciting research, you'll be the first to hear about it. I am here to help. I am just a click of a button away! Contact me

My Young Living Business

I would tell people about the power of therapeutic-grade essential oils with or without pay. But over the years I have built a business with over 1000 current members. I work from home full-time, and I would not want it any other way.

Are you ready to find your Young Living sponsor, to start your Young Living business? I am here to help. I have placed over 100 people under my downline last year. Some are grateful, and some don't even pick up there commissions. Over the years I've learned one thing: I will work with you - but only if you show me that you are serious. 1. Go on $100 monthly autoship. 2. Study the business reports. 3. Ask me for help. I will help you get started on the road to residual income! See details at Upline Support.

I Have No Money

If you are thinking: "I have no money to buy monthly products, buy marketing material, or ads, etc." - think again. In fact, let the top authority on home business tax law show you how much you loose every month if you do NOT purchase products and marketing materials regularly.

Learn how to Cut Your Taxes up to 50% by doing exactly that: enjoying the Young Living products yourself; getting marketing materials for your friends and prospects; using our automated marketing system to build your business; and spreading the word about your business. Uncle Sam will pick up the tab. Not having your home-based business will cost you a lot more!

I Have No Time

We have a fully automated marketing system in place. It's ready for you to go to work. It provides leads, shows them the business, provides training and follow-up; even signs them up for you automatically. If you can check your email regularly, you can do this business.

It Matters Who Your Sponsor Is!

If you are thinking of joining Young Living - find a sponsor who cares! My promise to you is this: I will not falter, I will not fail to show you the business - every little secret of it. I'll be here in the beginning when you need advice on how to get started. I'll show you my fully automated business system. And I'll be here to celebrate your success when the time comes!

To your success!

Maria Schasteen - ID# 54980
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