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Aromatherapy Business

Aromatherapy Business

Make Your Passion Your Business®

Why Choose An Aromatherapy Business? A home-based business is started every 11 seconds! And these businesses account for $401 billion in annual revenue. In order for you to become wealthy in a business, the following Four Principles of Success must be present:

  1. A Huge and Expanding Market
  2. Unique and Consumable Products
  3. Timing (Trends)
  4. Leverage - So You Get More Done (Network Marketing)
Homebased Business A Huge and Expanding Market

America's foremost consumer-trend forecaster, Faith Popcorn, was heralded as the "Nostradamus of Marketing" by Fortune magazine. With a 95% accuracy rate, her trend analyses help corporate America get products to the market just as the demand hits the street.

Faith predicted in 1991 that AROMATHERAPY would impact 1 out of 10 homes by the end of the decade. An Aromatherapy Business will be profitable!

Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils and Aromatherapy are poised for global expansion. Only 2% of essential oils on the world market are Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils! With the purity and resulting benefits of THERAPEUTIC-GRADE oils, you'll have A Huge and Expanding Market!

Homebased Business Unique and Consumable Products

Young Living Essential Oils are UNIQUE. Only 2% of essential oils sold worldwide are Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oil! Young Living is the only company in the world to grow, harvest, distill, market and research the highest-quality organic essential oils and oil-enhanced products under one roof. Meet The Real Heroes who manage the organic farm in Idaho! You can be proud of your aromatherapy business.

Young Living Therapeutic Essential Oils are so unique, there is virtually no competition in the industry. No other company has the totally organic orientation, or the proprietary distillation technology that Young Living has.

And CONSUMABLE they are. The Young Living product line includes single essential oils and oil blends, food supplements, hair care, skin care, and dental care products, the Kidscents line of products, weight management, fitness, and longevity products used daily - Unique and Consumable Products! What a wonderful and rewarding Aromatherapy Business!

Aromatherapy Business Timing (Trends)

Take a look at the consumer patterns Faith Popcorn has identified below.

Adults are worrying about bacteria and germs - 96% of us! And that's up from the 1995 figure of 77%.
  • Pollution worries have made organics a $7.6 billion business; an increase of 200% in just 5 years.
  • Herbal additives are used by one-third of Americans today.
  • Faith reports that alternative healthcare is a huge part of this trend.
80% of Americans are seeking ways to make their lives simpler.

  • People would rather spend money than time.
  • 78% want to reduce stress.
  • By 2010, 90% of all consumer goods will be home-delivered.

That's why this is the perfect time to join the Young Living Essential Oils Referral Marketing business! Young Living is at the forefront of a huge wave of changing awareness by the global community of mankind: To take responsibility for one's lifestyle, fitness, longevity, health and wealth. Timing is Everything!

Aromatherapy Business Leverage - So You Get More Done

Network with like-minded business entrepreneurs. Offer an Opportunity for Growth and Financial Independence. Provide a System for Success that is easily Duplicable. You and your network will prosper. The Secret is Leverage!

Young Living is one of the fastest-growing companies in the network marketing industry today. Uniting ancient traditions and modern science, Young Living offers an opportunity for anyone interested in promoting health and longevity while building a rewarding business.

The pictures on this page show successful Young Living distributors - people just like you - who have taken their life in their own hands and manifested a lifestyle that many can't even dream about. Remember this universal truth: "I can imagine, therefore I can be more." Life holds out an offer of FREEDOM for YOU. We are here to show you the way how to set up your own aromatherapy business.

Make Your Passion Your Business!®
Make Your Business Your Passion!®


"To help provide light and joy on the journey
to a healthy body and a peaceful mind"


Start making your dreams come true today!

A Truly American Business
Made in USA
Aromatherapy Dream Business
Young Living Essential Oils
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"We are in America! This is a great country offering each of us the kind of freedom to make our dreams come true. Each of you is a winner. It's no accident that you were drawn to Young Living. You have the power to create whatever life you want, and to help others achieve greater physical, emotional, and financial wellbeing. You have the power to make a huge difference. Let's choose to do things that will improve lives." Gary Young

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