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Grey's Anatomy: Baby Names And A Quote

Grey's Anatomy has become more than a cultural phenomenon, it is changing our lives. Don't believe me? Check out this new BuddyTV article. Seriously. Grey's Anatomy is significantly altering the name's that parents are giving their children. For this to happen, a show has to be far and away more important than just a hit TV show. Why does Grey's Anatomy reach this type of significance? Why is Grey's Anatomy so darn important?

Grey's Anatomy is transcendent because of its universality. Everyone, no matter who you are, what race you are, how old, what gender, will enjoy the show. There will be someone there who you can connect with and there will be story lines that hit close to home. Grey's Anatomy saturates the screen with stories, more than you can count on one hand. The cast is evenly balanced, no one with significantly more screen time than the others. The supposed star of the show, Ellen Pompeo, seems to almost graciously sit on the fringes, enjoying when others take over the limelight. Of course, when her number is called, she rises to the challenge.

The thing is still patently absurd. However, it is a good measure of how the masses view the show. In 20 years, there will be a lot more women named Addison. So be it. Grey's Anatomy still has become the defining show of its era, and one that is all inclusive. It is a show that we can all share, even more so now with children being named because of it.

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