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Baby Shower
by Maria Schasteen

A baby shower is a wonderful tradition of celebrating mom-to-be and her soon to be born baby. It is an emotional time for mom, when friends and family gather to bring gifts for her child.

Sometimes mom is throwing the baby shower. But more often family or friends will step in to plan and organize the baby shower. After all, it should be a memorable time with friendship, love, excitement and expectation of the entrance of a new life into the family unity. A baby shower requires a lot of preparation and effort.

The first thing to plan are baby shower invitations. Will your baby shower have a theme? Then your baby shower invitation and decoration will reflect that theme. The baby shower decorations will probably be one of your biggest tasks. Decorating the entrance, the room, the garden; setting the table, preparing name cards, arranging flowers - either natural flowers or flowers crafted of silk or paper. There are lots of thoughts going into the preparation of baby shower decor.

Will you need balloons, flower arrangements? Don't forget tape and ribbons, cards (if you use name cards), and baby shower games. Prepare games for children, if kids are invited with their parents to the baby shower. If your baby shower is held at a relative's house, you will need to organize bags to carry the gifts home. Should you serve a whole meal or some snacks and drinks? Should you have a baby shower registry?

Baby showers hold a lot of fun and excitement for everyone, especially for the mother-to-be. All these gift boxes and gift bags are a pleasant surprise to expecting mothers. There may be items just for baby. Then there are some for the lucky mom. But sometimes you'll find a baby shower gift that is useful for both: mother and baby! Such a gift is Gentle Baby, a soft, fragrant combination of essential oils designed specifically for mothers and babies. Uniquely comforting, soothing, and relaxing, it helps calm stress during pregnancy, provides additional benefits during the birthing process, and is useful for quieting troubled little ones.

If a baby shower registry was set up, mom should expect to get exactly the items she needs for her baby. It also insures, that she does not get two car seats for instance, or too many baby bottles at once. After receiving the baby shower gifts, mom will have to go out to just buy the few missing pieces she still needs for her child.

A baby shower is an opportunity for the mom-to-be to be showered with gifts. This joyful experience will give her strength to carry through the remaining days of pregnancy. It also prepares her for the joy that is to come after birth, and takes her mind off the pending labor of birth.

A baby shower should be a time of celebration for every expecting mother. Start planning your baby shower today!

Maria Schasteen is editor of - Nature's Most Trusted Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils Store.

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