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Aromatherapy Books

Aromatherapy Books

The Lavender Cookbook
by Sharon Shipley
The Lavender Cookbook

Discovery of the Ultimate Superfood:
How the Ningxia Wolfberry And 4 Other Foods Help Combat Heart Disease, Cancer, Chronic Fatigue, Depression, Diabetes And More by Gary Young, Marc Schreuder, and Ronald, Ph.D. Lawrence (Paperback - Jul 30, 2005)
NingXia Red

The A-Z of Aromatherapy Although fragrances have been used by humans since the dawn of time, aromatherapy is a modern, increasingly popular way to bring emotional tranquility and beauty into people's lives. It is also gaining recognition as a way to enhance physical health.

This illustrated volume points out the different parts of plants that make essential aromatic oils. They include herbs, fruit rinds, seeds, flowers, and bark. The author describes methods of extracting essential oils and discusses proven benefits of aromatherapy, including anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, anti-bacterial, and cell-regenerating effects. She also discusses the benefits of visiting an aromatherapist, and instructs on applying essential oils with invigorating body massages.

Her book's most important section alphabetically catalogs the 64 of the most beneficial essential oils, and gives recommendations for uses of each. The oils include essence of rosewood, myrrh, lemon grass, cardamom, citric oils, frankincense, nutmeg, basil, vanilla, ginger, and many others. The text is enhanced with more than 200 attractive color illustrations.

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