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Berry Young Juice™

Berry Young Juice The Berry Young Juice™ is a super antioxidant berry juice containing the highest known antioxidants used by some of the longest-living people on earth. This antioxidant super-juice is formulated to maintain and support normal immune function and is enhanced with essential oils.

Each bottle of Berry Young Juice™ contains 1 liter (33.6 oz) juice and weights 3.6 lb. One bottle of delicious Berry Young Juice™ is a month's supply for one person. Get two - one for yourself and one for your spouse.

Drink 1 oz a day in juice or water, or right out of the bottle before meals or as needed. Request automatic monthly delivery for convenience and peace of mind: Never run out of your elixir.

The Berry Young Juice™ contains: 80% Ningxia Wolfberry Juice, Pomegranate Juice, Blueberry Juice, Apricot Juice, Raspberry Juice, and the essential oils of Orange (Citrus sinensis) and Lemon (Citrus limon).

Effect of Berry Young Juice™ on the Immune System
A Research Report by Sue Chao, June 20, 2002

New Discovery on the Chinese Wolfberry
Special Health Advisory on Immunity and Anti-Aging
by D. Gary Young

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