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Home-Made Gift Ideas
Crafted with Nature's Finest Essential Oils!

Here are some quick and easy gift ideas you will enjoy making. And your family and friends will treasure your special gifts. Their uplifting scent will haunt them long after the holiday season is over.

Lavender Honey

Mix a few drops of Lavender Essential Oil into honey. Fill in a decorative glass jar. Seal, and attach a bow and some fresh or dried lavender blossoms. Attach a Lavender Note that reads:

"Sweet Dreams"
Next time you can't fall asleep, take a little Lavender Honey. Love, Sonja

Cranberry Aroma Candle


Buy canning jars at the grocery store and stuff the bottom with any kind of greens. Add cranberries and water. Then top with a floating candle. Add a drop of Clove, Nutmeg or Fir Essential Oil - depending on your mood - for a warm holiday scent.

Use it on your holiday table as centerpiece. Or make smaller ones for each place setting.

Aroma Cider Brew


Buy a jar of Country Cider Brew or make your own. In a decorative glass jar, place a blend of whole spices (cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves) and citrus peel (organically grown lemons, oranges).

To make YOUR Cider Brew especially flavorful, temporarily place your whole cloves in one jar, cinnamon chips in another. Add a few drops of the Essential Oils of Cinnamon and Clove in the respective jars. Shake well; let dry. You will be amazed about the flavor enhancement!

Family Country Cider Brew

Cinnamon Chips, Nutmeg, and Whole Cloves
Essential Oils of Cinnamon, Nutmeg, and Orange.

Directions: An hour before preparing the Cider, place in a jar the desired amount of cinnamon chips, whole cloves, a pinch of freshly grated nutmeg. Add a drop of Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Clove Essential Oil. Close container and shake well. Let sit for an hour.

Prepare your apple cider as usual using your own Family Country Cider Brew mix. Before serving, add a drop of Orange Oil. Serve hot.

Enjoy Lily! Your friend Mary

Decorate a jar with a bow, a fir twig, a curly orange peel, a whole nutmeg nut, and cinnamon sticks to stir. Add a bottle of Orange and Lemon Essential Oil for additional flavoring. Remember, a drop goes a long ways.

Or give your friends your "Family Country Cider Brew" recipe and the ingredients. Put whole cloves and cinnamon chips in a nice glass container. Add the Essential Oils of Cinnamon, Clove and Orange, and a recipe card.

Lavender Wreath


An uplifting gift to treasure is this lovely circle of dried lavender finished with a satin weave ribbon.

Then add one or all of the treasured Lavender Aroma Essence products:

  • Lavender Floral Water
  • Lavender Hair Shampoo, Nourishing Rinse and Sealer
  • Lavender Rosewood Soap
  • Lavender Essential Oil

Aroma Candle


This project involves decorating a store-bought candle with dried herbs or flowers and over-dipping it with a thin film of paraffin.

Spray or brush the candle with adhesive and attach the leaves and flowers. To attach lavender blossoms, coat the sides of the candle with white glue and roll the candle in a layer of lavender blossoms. (Do not put plant material on the top of the candle as it may catch fire.)

Holding the wick with pliers, dip the candle in hot paraffin and pull out gently, slowly, to avoid uneven drips. Immediately submerge the candles in cold water. Make sure all of the water is off the candle and repeat the waxing process.

For a scented candle, place a drop of scented oil into the pool of liquid wax that forms around the lighted wick.


Or give a scented candle kit as a gift. With the candle, pack a bottle of scented oil, an ice pick and a decorative card with these directions:

Scented Candle Kit

Candle, Essential Oil, Ice Pick

Heat the ice pick over a flame and poke five or six holes about 1" deep around the top of the candle. Drop an Essential Oil into the holes and light the candle. For more scent, add a drop of the oil to the pool of wax. Note: Never leave burning candles unattended.

Enjoy! Your friend Suzanna

aroma candle


If you have time, sew a Hot Pad filled with a scented mixture of herbs. When placed under a hot teapot or casserole, the pad gives off a spicy aroma while protecting the table top from the heat.


Buy a hot pad or two with holiday design at your local store. Before use, sprinkle any of your favorite essential oils: Christmas Spirit for a heart-warming holiday feeling; Grapefruit or Orange for the deliciously fresh taste. If you serve Rosemary Chicken, place a drop of Rosemary Essential Oil on the hot pad. Then place the hot pot on it and see - I should say SMELL - what happens!

If you prepare these hot pads in advance, place them in a plastic bag to seal the scent. Remove just before use.

Scented Hot Pads are a great holiday gift idea! It does not take any time, but your recipient will really appreciate it! Remember, scents can reach into our subtle bodies. They bring back long lost memories.

Aroma touches the innermost feelings. When you give this gift of love, remember: You are giving much more than what this little gift appears to be. You heal a broken heart; uplift a sunken spirit; calm stress and life's tribulations softly, naturally - at least for this special celebration dinner.

In a decorative box, place the Hot Pad(s) for the occasion. Add a bottle of Essential Oil, and add directions for use.

Give the Gift of Love


In a decorative box, place an embroidered handkerchief scented with the Essential Oil of Joy, a haunting aroma of precious roses. (Seal it in a plastic pouch.) Then add the following note:

Cecilia, My Beautiful Bride!
To make your wedding day filled with memories of joy and roses, here is a gift of love. Smell the roses! With Love, Mama

Of course, you can fill the box with rose petals sprayed with the Essential Oil of Joy for everlasting memories. The smell can be refreshed at any time when you add a bottle of Joy Essential Oil. When tears roll, the bride will automatically smile when she reaches for her handkerchief. Roses uplift.

This sweet gift of love would be, of course, also very thoughtful for the mother of the bride, and the mother in law. You know, weddings always remind you of love, or the hope for fulfillment of love. Often these feelings are mixed with bitter memories of broken promises and hurts. The scent of roses soothes the pain.

Happy Aroma Essence Crafting!
If you have a special project you would like to share with your Aroma-Essence friends, please contact us.
Thank you!

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