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Feelings™ Collection

Valor, Harmony, Forgiveness, Present Time, Release, Inner Child

The Feelings™ Collection, formulated by D. Gary Young, was designed to lift negative impressions and allow openness to new beginnings. You can use the Feelings essential oils to begin the path of self identification by aligning your emotions.

For example, extreme stress can cause both physical and emotional problems. We might become anxious, depressed or irritable, which may in turn result in difficulty sleeping, digestive concerns, and more.

Aromatherapy has proven effective in bringing the body and mind back to peak performance. The Feelings™ Kit will help you move forward in life with newfound excitement, happiness, and a sense of greater accomplishment.

The Feelings™ Collection features six essential oil blends including Valor, Harmony, Forgiveness, Inner Child, Release, and Present Time.

Feelings Collection - (#3125) - 5 ml each

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