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Juvatone JuvaTone™ is a powerful herbal complex designed to promote healthy liver function.* JuvaTone™ is an excellent source of choline. It also contains inositol and the powerful antioxidant dl-methionine, both of which have been researched for their ability to convert oil-soluble toxins into water-soluble compounds that may be more easily excreted. Methionine helps recycle glutathione, one of the body's most important natural antioxidants that is crucial to normal liver function.

JuvaTone also contains Oregon grape root, a source of the liver-supporting compound berberine. The liver performs over 5,000 complex chemical functions. It purifies the blood and is key in converting carbohydrates to energy. An overtaxed liver can negatively affect energy, digestion and skin. Fats and bile within the liver can easily become oversaturated with oil-soluble toxins, synthetic chemicals and heavy metals. As toxins build, the liver becomes stressed. [150 tablets]

How to use: Take 2 tablets 2 times daily; increase as needed up to 4 tablets four times daily. For fast metabolism, take 3 tablets three times daily; increase up to 4 tablets four times daily. Best when taken between meals. Also apply JuvaFlex or Juva Cleanse blend over the liver, on the spine, or on the feet.

Ingredients: Calcium, copper, sodium, choline bitartrate, dl-methionine, beet root, inositol, dandelion root, L-cysteine HCl, alfalfa sprouts, Oregon grape root, parsley leaves, bee propolis 5x, sodium copper chlorophyllin, echinacea (E. purpurea) root, lemon (Citrus limon) rind, German chamomile (Matricara recutita) aerial parts, geranium (Pelargonium graveolens) aerial parts, rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis CT 1,8 cineol) leaf, myrtle (Myrtus communis) leaf and blue tansy (Tanacetum annuum) whole plant (The essential oils listed above are also contained in the blend JuvaFlex, the perfect topically applied companion to JuvaTone.)

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