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"The Digestion-Health Connection"

Life 5 Probiotics Although we typically think of the gastro-intestinal tract as the place where food is digested and then discarded, good digestive health is also very important in order to maintain a strong immune system and a lean body.

In fact, the bowel in particular is known to be the source of core health and vitality. This is where the all-important transfer of nutrients to the bloodstream takes place.

Therefore, if the bowel is not working properly, optimal health is impossible and the body is vulnerable to myriad conditions.

Learn more about the The Digestion-Health Connection featured in our April promotion! The promotion may be long over, but listen to experts explaining why Life 5 - Hi-Potency Probiotic is so beneficial for your wellbeing!

"The Digestion-Health Connection"

by Doug Corrigan, VP of Product Marketing

Life 5

Life 5 Probiotics Probiotics are a beneficial form of bacteria that help maintain the natural balance of microflora in the intestines. This “good bacteria” reduces the growth of harmful bacteria and promotes a healthy digestive system.

Young Living’s Life 5 provides a daily boost of five of the most clinically proven and advanced probiotics, including three super strains that represent the most health-promoting strains ever prepared in a supplement.*

  • Probiotics, especially the super strain LA-14, have been shown to be a tremendous support to immune function.
  • New research from the Stanford University School of Medicine suggests that probiotics may enhance weight-loss programs.
  • Probiotics have been shown to assist the body in manufacturing important B vitamins and improving nutrient absorption, therefore naturally increasing energy.
  • Take two to five capsules daily as needed for intestinal health and comfort and to support immunity.
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Di-Gize Keep your digestive system balanced with the targeted relief of Di-Gize. This unique blend contains therapeutic-grade essential oils that soothe and support proper digestion, such as peppermint, ginger, tarragon, and fennel.*

  • Massage two to four drops on the belly or apply as a compress to ease minor stomach discomforts.
  • Inhale directly to calm motion distress.
  • Diffuse Di-Gize during meditation to relax intestinal responses to stress. 
  • For more focused results, place one to two drops in a vegetable capsule and take before each meal or as desired.

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