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Essential Manna™ Apricot

Essential Manna™ - Apricot - 8 oz, is a nutritionally dense, fiber-rich nutrient supplement based on the diet of the Hunza people of northern Pakistan. Their longevity has been attributed to their consumption of a high potassium, high magnesium diet of dried fruits (especially apricots), nuts, and a variety of whole grains.

Essential Manna Apricot

Essential Manna™ is the result of years of research that combine a careful study of the dietary practices of the longest-lived people with the latest advances in nutritional science.

How to use: Snack on Essential Manna™ through out the day whenever you feel hungry.

Ingredients: Apricots, barley, wolfberries, pineapple, buckwheat, almonds, brown rice, papaya, pumpkin seeds, apricot concentrate, walnuts, amaranth, coconut, millet, filberts, sesame seeds, rolled oats, pecans, Brazil nuts, potassium sorbate, fructooligosaccharides (FOS), sodium ascorbate, citric acid, L-lysine and frankincense powder.

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