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Peace & Calming™

Peace and Calming Peace & Calming™ is a gentle, fragrant blend. When diffused, it helps calm tensions and uplifts the spirit, promoting relaxation and a deep sense of peace. When massaged on the bottoms of the feet, it can be a wonderful prelude to a peaceful night's rest. Peace & Calming™ may be especially calming and comforting to young children after an overactive and stressful day.

How to use: For aromatic use. Diffuse in bedrooms, living areas and office. Apply to bottom of feet, wrists and outside of ears. Blend with V-6 Enhanced Vegetable Oil Complex for a calming massage.

Possible skin sensitivity. If pregnant or under a doctor's care, consult your physician. Dilution not required; suitable for all but the most sensitive skin. Generally safe for children over 2 years of age.

Ingredients: Tangerine (Citrus nobilis), orange (Citrus sinensis), ylang ylang (Cananga odorata), patchouly (Pogostemon cablin), and blue tansy (Tanacetum annuum).

Start Living with Peace & Calming™!

Here are Peace & Calming™ Tips:

"My puppy was lost for three days and when she was returned, she was very anxious. I placed three drops of Peace & Calming™ essential oil blend in the palm of my hand and stroked the pads of her paws each day for three days.

Ultrasonic DiffuserI also diffused Peace & Calming™ for several days. She settled down very quickly. The following week when we went to the groomer, she became anxious all over again. Out came the Peace & Calming™ and the groomer said she behaved better than she'd ever done in the past." Ethel

"Last week the small plane I was on was boarded by a young mother with a very unhappy baby. Part way through the trip I wrote her a note asking if she'd like to try some Peace & Calming™ essential oil. She said she'd try anything. She let me put a drop on the bottom of the baby's feet and within seconds he calmed down and stayed quiet the whole rest of the trip." Debbie

"My dog, Renee, is deathly afraid of storms. Even before I know it is going to storm, she starts panting and cowering under my feet. I rub Peace & Calming™ on my hands and wrists and then rub her snout, ears, and around her neck. Almost immediately she calms down and quits panting. How wonderful is that?" Mary Margaret

"Peace & Calming™ is like a miracle for mothers with a wild child, or three. All mine are home this week, and spring fever has got them energetic. So, I just diffused some Peace and Calming...ahhh...THANK YOU! :)" Sondra

"One of my most favorite oils is the Peace & Calming™ because it really relaxes me and also really calms my little girl. Whenever my little girl is crying, I rub a drop or two of Peace & Calming™ essential oil on her, and she calms down in just a few minutes. It's also very soothing when I put it on at night. My husband's teenage sons also love it - they say they really help calm their thoughts and help them rest better." Mirdza

"I diffuse Peace & Calming™ Blend at home during the evenings and at work in my office during the day. I find that I am calmer at work which is a stressful place. I also find that I become more relaxed during the evenings and am more easily able to let the stresses of the day go. I have also noticed that my cat seems to enjoy this blend and frequently goes to sleep right in front of the diffuser." Jude

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