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The Re-JUVA-nate™ Kit

RE-JUVA-nate The Re-JUVA-nate Kit includes:

  • Detoxzyme - A powerful vegetable enzyme complex that promotes cleansing, completes digestion and detoxifies;

  • ComforTone - Contains herbs, minerals, bentonite, and essential oils that help with proper elimination and relax spasms that may occur;

  • JuvaPower 14 oz. - An advanced phytonutrient fiber supplement that cleanses the liver and intestines simultaneously. Contains the highest acid-binding foods for superior results;

  • Re-JUVA-nate Your Health booklet;

  • An audio tape - "The Re- JUVA-nate Program - Cleansing with Comfortone, JuvaPower and Detoxzyme" by D. Gary Young, N.D.

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