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Whole House Water Filter

Young Living Essential Oils, internationally recognized for its ultra-pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils, offers a unique, state-of-the-art whole house water filter system. Working under the direction of D. Gary Young, engineers constructed the world's finest whole house water filter system.

The Problem - Water Contamination
  • According to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports, 40 million American are exposed to levels of lead in water that exceeds the EPA-proposed maximum contaminant allowances. Even at low levels, lead in water causes reduced birth weight, premature births, delayed mental development, and impaired mental abilities.

  • Scientists at the U.S. Public Health Service report that trihalomethanes (dangerous toxins made from chlorine) found in tap water have been linked to higher-than-normal rates of miscarriage and birth defects. (Magnus, P., et al., "Water Chlorination and Birth Defects", Epidemiology 10:513-517 (1999)

  • Using information gathered from the EPS, the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) reports that more than 45 million Americans drink tap water polluted with fecal matter, pesticides, toxic chemicals, and lead.

  • The inhalation of trihalomethanes (in a vapor form that occurs with hot water) while showering is more toxic than drinking chlorinated water. Buying drinking water does not protect consumers from inhaling vapors.

  • Reports from the EPA indicate that entities such as mining companies and electrical power plants release 7.8 billion pounds of toxic substances per year onto the land, into the water, and into the air, and the amount is increasing.

  • The NRDC reports that over 940,000 Americans are sickened by contaminated tap water annually. In addition, the council reports that contaminated tap water kills 900 people each year.

The Solution - Young Living Water Filter System
  • All of the water that enters your house is filtered - water for drinking, cooking and bathing.

  • All water filters through two state-of-the-art cartridges. The first contains a dual-gradient filter that has one layer wrapped around the other to provide finer filtration than is found in most other filters. In the second, water flows through a superior carbon filter system not available through retail outlets.

  • The dual-gradient cartridge exhibits three times the dirt-holding capacity of similarly sized cartridges so that filter can be changed less often (normally once a year). It removes sediment (dirt, sand, grit, rust, etc.) from the water to extend the life of the charcoal filters. In addition, the inner layers reduce the levels of fine particles.

  • The superior carbon filter system contains a carbon-briquette cartridge bonded powdered charcoal. The powdered consistency of the briquette allows for increased surface contact that results in maximum absorption of chlorine.

  • The 0.5 micron post filter greatly reduces bacteria, including giardia and cryptosporidium.

  • The carbon filter removes trihalomethanes, which might otherwise be consumed, absorbed through the skin, or inhaled during a shower.

  • The carbon filter also reduces lead, and removes pesticides, odors, and objectionable tastes.

  • Unit lasts five times longer than most other whole house filters.

  • Filters 150,000 gallons of water before the filter must be changed.

  • Five-year guarantee against manufacturer defects.

  • Lifetime warranty on casting.

  • A third UV housing is available and may be added to completely sanitize water.

Code #4070
Height: 36" (including 5" of clearance) - Width: 40" - Depth: 9"

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