Colds and Flu - 10 Things To Do

Colds and Flu


Remember when you were small and you caught a cold, and your mother fed you chicken noodle soup, and it made you feel better?

Well, research confirms that mother knew best. The protein in chicken contains an amino acid called cystein that has a structure similar to the drug acetylcystein.

The medical profession prescribes this drug as a remedy for respiratory infections. Interestingly, when the drug was first produced, it was derived from chicken skin and feathers.

Colds and flu can make you miserable. The coughing, the fever, the fatigue, the itchy, watery eyes and nose, the sneezing - in addition to being annoying, colds are very common.

In the last 2 weeks of November 2001, a third of the entire USA population had a cold or a flu. The average person gets 2.5 colds per year, and each cold lasts about 7-10 days. In a year, the US averages approximately 600 million colds. That's a lot of tissue!

Here are 10 Things You Can Do for a Miserable Cold ...

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