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To diffuse essential oils is a great way to receive the benefits of therapeutic-grade Young Living Essential Oils.

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It's easy to diffuse essential oils with a specially designed electric nebulizer for the most beneficial therapeutic effects. Learn which diffusers are used in nursing homes and hospitals for premium air quality, how to eliminate mold and mildew problems, stave off colds and flu, fight back allergies, clear up sinus infections and strengthen the immune system, and how to diffuse essential oils for pets and odor control, and more. To diffuse essential oils with a jet diffuser makes for the best air purification solution possible. Find out how ...


To diffuse essential oils is a great way to receive the benefits of Young Living Essential Oils. There are many ways to diffuse oils into the air, but the professionals recommend electric nebulizers for the most beneficial therapeutic effects.

These types of diffusers ensure maximum dispersion of oil into the air and absorption within the lungs. They consist of an air pump, an injector and a glass container. For maximum benefits, it is not recommended to use diffusers which heat the oil, as the fragile oil molecule can easily be broken down, and the therapeutic value compromised.


NOTE: Make sure you attach a timer to your diffuser! Since I've added the timers, I'm able to diffuse without the worry of forgetting to turn the diffuser off, or wasting precious oil... and money! I usually keep the timer mode at 15 minutes on and half an hour off. This keeps a consistent supply of oils in the air, and I'm always amazed at how far the oils go when diffused in this way.

Timers are only about $12,00; they're cheap, easy to use, and offer great flexibility. You can set the timer to go on and off in 15-minute-increments, day and night. You'll easily pay for your timer in no time by not wasting oils.

Listed below are several testimonials extolling the benefits of diffusing, and hands-on advice on how to clean the glass nebulizer. If you have been wondering how to effectively clean clogged nebulizers, read on! Hint: Thieves Household Cleaner comes to the rescue again.


One of our New York distributors introduced essential oils into several nursing homes. He started with a 3-hour inservice to educate the nurses. Then he does a semi-annual follow up inservice. The hospitals order yearly, a several thousand dollar bulk order each.

The nurses diffuse the oils 4-times-a-day, 4 different oils. One for sleeping well at night, one for digestion (mid-day), one for peace of mind, and one for overall comfort. The nurses keep the oils locked with the meds and diffuse them on a schedule. This program was arranged through the recreation department of the hospital system.


Another distributor in our group is working with a large New York hospital Chief of Staff about diffusing Thieves in the air-duct system to control air-borne pathogens - which are a BIG problem in hospitals.


DISCLAIMER: The information provided here is for educational purposes only, and is not intended as diagnosis, treatment or prescription for any disease. The decision to use, or not to use, any of this information is the sole responsibility of the reader. We recommend that you consult your licensed health care practitioner if you are dealing with an illness.


I have had relief from sinus problems with many different things, however, the best and longest lasting is using RC at night with a timed diffuser. The diffuser goes on approx. 7 minutes out of every half hour.

Other combinations work as well as I found out when temporarily out of RC. Pine and Lavender, Eucalyptus and Myrtle, Orange and Peppermint oils.

My husband who used to take off the ceiling with elephant snores now sleeps so quietly that it scares me sometimes. I have to listen closely to see if he is breathing. We both wake up with clear heads mentally and physically, well rested and with a sense of well being. This results in more energy and greater Joy.

Having a timer is important, I think, because it allows a therapeutic dose of the essential oil to diffuse without over-saturating the room, and it uses less oil. Also, if you are constantly smelling something, then you kind of getting desensitized to the smell, and the wonderful smell of Young Living oils is a huge joy.

If you have not smelled or experienced RC, you are really missing out. It combines four different Eucalyptus oils, Lavender, Myrtle, Peppermint, Marjoram and Cypress. This blend is truly one of Young Living's masterpieces.

Here's to sleeping like a baby,



Great news - one of the less expensive oils - Purification will help with the air and the molds and mildew smells. When my basement was really bad and I had to clean it, I used two bottles of purification in the diffuser. The basement even a year later smells wonderful.



I have a problem with mildew on the bathroom wall directly above my shower. Today I decided to see what the oils could do for me. I took my diffuser up and plugged it in with Purification in it - let it diffuse for probably about an hour with the door shut. Then I wet a sponge with the scrubby backing with warm water, dropped a couple of drops of Lemon oil on it, and washed the mildew right off! Incredible! And so much better smelling than the Clorox I usually use! My hands smell nice, too!

A fellow oiler,



Within a week of diffusing Purification, the mold in the corners looked dead, and the mildew odor disappeared. We diffused for an hour twice a day to begin with. Now we diffuse twice a week for one hour each session as a preventive to control the environment.

Jim Lynn
LynnGroup Int'l


Why I am not getting sick.

I wanted to share with you that each winter I used to get sick and stay sick for the whole winter months. I have been diffusing Thieves each night by my bed on a timer and it goes off 10,2,& 6.

My grandson has been very sick with the flu, my husband got a sore throat, one of my workers that has been here in the house working has had the flu real bad. Even though I have been around all of them I am well, well, well. I diffuse Thieves and each morning I put it on the bottom of my feet, a drop on my wrist and a drop behind each ear.

Our business is in California and my husband travels there each weekend. When I spoke to him on Friday evening he said the girls in the store were all sick. I told him to do as I do each morning and he did and he is now well.

Last week when he was here in Utah with a sore throat, I rubbed Thieves on his neck during the day and evening. I had him drink bottled water with 1 drop of Thieves in it twice and the rest of the time I had him drink water with a mixture that I made up of Grapefruit, Lemon, Orange and Tangerine. He is well now with no sore throat.

These oils are wonderful. They are so much fun to experiment with also. Have a wonderful day.



Last year, my son who is 12 was one of the few in his class who did not get sick in the school year. At the first sign of him coming down with anything, I start with the oils and diffuse his room.

Hope this helps,



I, too, am fighting the flu. It started with an ache in the back of my neck. I drank Thieves in water all day, then rubbed Eucalyptus and RC on the front of my neck and put Peppermint on my nose. Day one ended with just a tired feeling, aches and pains gone. Day Two started with a full feeling in the throat, so I diffused Cloves in my office, and rubbed the oils as above.

I diffused RC during the night both nights. Late in the afternoon, I decided to drink the Young Berry Juice. It gave me enough energy to go shopping (a chore that I hate with a passion). I came home still feeling good. Day Three has dawned and I have a low grade headache and my throat is feeling full again. I have had my Berry Juice and I will continue to use the oils.

I am absolutely certain at this point, that I will not be "sick". Many of my employees have had this virus and they all were miserable. I am not miserable and know I will not get to that point. I love essential oils and now, the Berry Juice.

Sharon Ahearn

STOMACH VIRUS Hi everyone! Yesterday I felt I was coming down with a stomach virus or the flu. I had aches and pains in my body and diarrhea. Also had a cold. In looked up in the Essential Oils Desk Reference under flu. I was referred to Idaho Tansy to put on my stomach and feet. I also diffused Thieves all day long in the house. Also used Oregano a few times on my feet as well. Today I am perfectly fine. I also dosed up on Vitamin C for my cold. These oils work.


Barbara S.


Good Evening Oilers,


My 17 year old daughter has been under the weather for about 9 days now, with chest congestion, sore throat and other flu like symptoms. She had refused my offers of massage, vitaflex, ect., and tried to tuff it out.

Well, last night she finally got on my massage table and ask for the oils... (By the way: During this time, I was diffusing oils on and off when she was home and would wear some myself, whenever we had a chance to sit together in the same room - thus getting some of it in her system via the air around us.)

I performed the "Raindrop technique" on her and diffused Thieves in the house every 15 minutes for 4 hours last night.


My daughter had previously made an appointment with our family doctor for today; which she kept (I went with her). To my daughter's amazement (not mine), her fever was gone, her glands were not swollen, and her chest congestion was clear. But, just to be sure nothing else was going on with her, it was advisable that she get checked out by our MD.

She told the doctor that she started feeling much better this morning and then proceeded to explain the Raindrop and the oils to the doctor. I was amazed that she told the doctor!!! Then while she was getting her hair cut today, she was telling the hairdresser about the oils and how they helped her!!!

My Comments...

All this testimony coming from a 17 year old - Wonders never cease, do they!!! Well, good people, I know that they work. I've seen many a healing take place in people who use the YL products.

Be Well and Prosper,



I've been diffusing peppermint in my basement for a good hour then I move up to my 1st floor, primarily in my kitchen and then in my 2 bathrooms upstairs. They like water, at least my big grand daddy carpenter ants do. Anyway, they are gone!!!! We had a warm day yesterday, that is the test, they all come out then. My husband is so thrilled we don't have to bring in the big boys to spray poison. All Da Best!



I have a cat, dog, bird, gerbils, lizards, frogs and fish in my house and we diffuse essential oils all the time.

The cat sleeps in the room with us and breathes all different oils in different combinations with no problem.

The gerbils, dog and fish are in my 5-year-old's room and we run the diffuser all night with no problem.

The lizards and frogs are in with my 13 year old with a diffuser running all night, also no problems there.

I have used all sorts of oils around the bird (in the living room) and have also had no problems. Of all the animals, the bird would be the most sensitive and she is fine with them.

Hope this helps. Diffuse away!



I have a son who has ADD/ADHD, and some days Brain Power is all that gets us through the day. Lavender is also a good all-around oil, especially for kids.

I have heard that Thieves is good for "balancing out the body" and I would put that on his feet at night, I diffuse Thieves every night in my children's bedroom for 30 minutes after they go to sleep. I use Brain Power on all of us, not just my son.

I home-school my children and I find, diffusing really helps with their concentration and focus. I let one drop fall on the back of the neck from the bottle, then I wipe my finger over the top of the bottle and put that on the temples.

I do the same at night with the Peace and Calming and Valerian (to help him get a good night sleep). I have found that I am sleeping soundly for the first time in almost 10 years (I suffer from mommy syndrome, always one ear open to listen for the kids). Hope this helps.

Kris W.

Vista, CA


I use Peace and Calming every night in the diffuser, rub on both feet and ankles, a drop on tip of nose, behind ears and hollow of throat. You can put a drop or two on a cotton ball and insert it inside pillow case or put the cotton ball on headboard, directly above your head. Love the smell of Peace and Calming ... sometimes I put Valor on bottom of feet instead of Peace and Calming.

Either way it works great for me.



I have been diffusing Peace and Calming at night and it has put an end to my husband's snoring. It is amazing!

D. Daniels


I have a small residential care home (6 beds). I have diffused for two years now, and no one has had any illness. I wouldn't be without it.

Diana Fleak


... Also, we used four different oils for my husband's severe allergies. These oils were peppermint, eucalyptus, myrtle and RC. I layered these on his feet (especially sinus points) and used two, varying the two, over his sinuses, (careful, they can irritate). He experienced 99% relief from his allergies this spring! That is truly amazing because he has suffered with them for over 7 years and used every medication from over-the-counter to prescription.

I also diffused the oils in the bedroom while he slept. We only did this about three to five times. Thank you essential oils for being natures most powerful "..." (Miracle Workers - Editor's Note).



Frankincense (because it is high in sesquiterpenes, which carry oxygen to the brain) is a particularly excellent oil to diffuse. Two diffusing recipes using Frankincense that I particularly like:

Recipe #1: equal parts Lemon, Lavender, Frankincense (try 5 to 10 drops each to begin with)

Recipe #2: 20 drops Evergreen Essence, 5 drops Idaho Balsam Fir, 5 drops Cedarwood, 5 drops Frankincense, 2 to 3 drops Ylang Ylang (optional)

I encourage you all to experiment for yourself with diffusing recipes.

With Love,



Here are a few suggestions for cleaning the glass diffuser tube from recent posts.

I use our Thieves Cleaner ... works great every time. Just let it soak in hot water with a little bit of Thieves, no measurement. I have a few glass tubes that I clean together and just tip the bottle of Thieves Cleaner in the hot water and let soak ... rinse and air dry. Sometimes if the glass is sticky, I use a pipe cleaner gently inside with the soapy water.

Hope that helps.

Yours in better health ... naturally,


I soaked my glass diffuser tube first in warm soapy water. That didn't remove all the residue, so I tried vinegar. Better ... but not sufficient. Then I used Thieves cleaner "neat" and that did the trick!

Sue Olmos, CTPM

I have found that good old fashioned rubbing alcohol takes all the old sticky oils out of every nook and cranny just as fast and slick as a whistle. I take my tube and plug one end with my finger, pour a little in, plug the other end and shake it around a bit. I do that a couple of times or until it looks like I liquified all the old oils. Then I just rinse with water and a smidge of dish soap and let it air dry. Quick and easy!


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