Benefits of Slique Tea

Benefits of Slique Tea

You’ll Love The Benefits Of Slique Tea!

Slique TeaThe benefits of Slique Tea are wonderful. This tea has a desirable taste, as well as a  relaxation and weight-management effect. Because of these qualities, it became the second most widely consumed beverage around the globe. Next to water, of course! The unique, naturally occurring, and neurologically active amino acid known as L-theanine makes these great qualities of this special tea.

Exclusively found in green tea leaves and plants, L-theanine is a free and predominant amino acid. It is the main reason why tea has a pleasant, savory taste. Unlike the properties of caffeine that is stimulating, L-theanine creates a sense of relaxation and after taking it for 30-40 minutes, it has the ability to heightened mental awareness. It acts antagonistically against caffeine on the nervous system. It does not only promote relaxation, but also has a positive effect on stress and anxiety.

According to studies, L-theanine can help people avoid the harmful effects of stress. L-theanine does not cause drowsiness or promotes sleep, instead, it produces a calming effect and sharpens mental acuity. Studies have also shown that L-theanine induce a deeply relaxing effect without the sedating effects of relaxing agents. It helps reduce anxiety while increasing the energy levels.

Experience drinking a delicious Slique Tea that calms the body and soothes the nerves. Get a cup – benefit from a wonderful little amino acid know as L-theanine – and experience the Benefits of   Slique Tea.

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