Build Your Dream with Young Living Essential Oils

Build Your Dream with Young Living Essential Oils

Build Your Dream With The Newest Essential Oil Of Young Living Family.

Let us welcome Build Your Dream, it is the newest member of Young Living family of essential oil blend. Be inspired in building your dreams with the help of Young Living and of this new essential oil blend. Join Young Living in helping individuals support their health, and change many lives around the world.

D. Gary Young formulated this new product to celebrate the 20 years of Young Living’s journey of vision, progress and determination. Build Your Dream is a unique blend, and each oil in this product has a special connection to the story of Young Living. Essential oils include in this blend are Melissa, Sacred Frankincense, Hong Kuai, Believe, Lavender, Blue Cypress, Idaho Blue Spruce, Dream Catcher, Ylang Ylang, and the rare Blue Lotus absolute oil.

Are you dreaming to be free from all your debt? Or is it your dream to find all the needed answers to all your problems? Build Your Dream will help you achieve answers to your questions and learn new skills by providing added peace, confidence, focus, and clarity into your life.

Here are some ways to help you succeed by using the Young Living’s 20th anniversary essential oil blend- Build Your Dream:

  • It helps you open up intuition during meditation or morning prayer by applying this oil topically or by diffusing it. It also strengthens enthusiasm.
  • Use Build Your Dream topically to give you more confidence, focus, and clarity.
  • Before going to bed at night, daub this oil blend on your neck or wrists to help you in affirming and visualizing your goals in life.
  • Create an atmosphere of peace by diffusing this oil. It will help you reduce the feelings of mental fatigue and disconnection. It also helps you relax and calm.

Build Your Dream

Let Build Your Dream help you achieve all your dreams and goals in life. Try using it and see what power it has to help you succeed.

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