4 Uplifting Essential Oils For You

Enjoy The Benefits Of These Useful And Uplifting Essential Oils Now!

Use and appreciate aromatherapy now! Here are a few uplifting essential oils from Young Living and some of the ways on how to use them.

Always check the labels if the essential oil that you will use is advisable to directly apply onto your skin. Because not all oils are safe […]

Welcome The Spring With Fresh Air

Keep The Fresh Air In Your Home This Spring

Spring with fresh air is already in the air! Bring back the freshness of spring to your home with Young Living essential oils and oil infused products. Say goodbye to winter and create new memories this spring.

Here are some essential oils that will revive your home. Try these fun and exciting DIYs […]

4 DIY Spring Blends

Celebrate Spring with These 4 DIY Spring Blends

Spring Blends! Winter is already done! Prepare and love the new season that arrived! Almost everybody loves spring that can make your heart happy. To fully enjoy spring season, here are four do-it-yourself blends that you can try. Make your great spring atmosphere with these recipes wherever you go.
Spring garden inside your living […]

3 Ways to Make Your Rare Oils Last

Make Your Rare Oils Last When They Are Available On Season!

How do you store rare oils that are only available on a seasonal basis? Essential oils that are difficult to find usually aer in low supply and big demand. And most people want to make these rare oils last.

Young Living always offers the best, most effective, and purest essential oils without compromising its […]

Get Your Young Living Roll-Ons Now!

Relax and Reach for Young Living Roll-Ons!

With your busy schedule in the office, it is very important to take a little break and find time to relax. Walk your office stairs for awhile to get your blood flowing. Close your eyes and take a couple of deep breaths. Preferably have your favorite Young Living essential oil roll-ons with you while having […]

Do-It-Yourself: Custom Hydration

Keep Yourself Hydrated With This Custom Hydration Bottle!

It is important to keep yourself hydrated all the time. But because of your busy lifestyle and the availability of a efreshing beverage, it is not always easy.

Hydration has an essential part for proper physical function, and it should never be underestimated. Your everyday activities can deplete your hydration while sweating and breathing. And […]

Melaleuca Alternifolia: Newest Everyday Oil

Introducing Melaleuca Alternifolia, the Newest Everyday Oil Member.

Everyday Oils has the new addition to its essential oil collection, it is the Melaleuca Alternifolia. And as the newest inclusion in the set, there is high expectation to this oil. It is known that only the most effective and popular oils can only belong to Everyday Oils, that is why it is […]

Roasted Pumpkin: Warm Comfort Food

Warm Comfort Food For The Cold Months!

Comforting and warm meals are what you are looking for when the weather becomes cooler. But you have to watch out in eating these foods because most often, they are rich in carbohydrates and lack nutrition. This can contribute to additional pounds and weight problems that you don’t want.

Try this fortifying recipe that offers […]

Essential Oil Blends For Fresh Indoor Air

Enjoy Staying Inside Your Home With Fresh Indoor Air!

Fresh Indoor Air -It has been autumn already with all the signs that you can see around you. The trees are starting to lose their leaves, children are already back in school, many areas are already experiencing cooler weather, and people are deciding to stay at home.

This season means settling for more […]

Essential Oil Fame: Blue Cypress

Get To Know What’s On The Spotlight -Blue Cypress Essential Oil!

Blue Cypress essential oil is one of the many essential oils that Young Living is so proud of. It is a very versatile oil that offers a lot of benefits. It is sometimes called as Blue Gold. Blue Cypress essential oil is known for its beauty and cobalt blue color, […]

4 Quick Tips for A Sharp Mind

Keep A Sharp Mind By Following These Steps!

A sharp mind is always needed to support your focus and energy in everything you do daily. Here are four practices that you can follow to maintain your mental sharpness:

1. Hydrate your body properly at the start of the day by drinking cucumber-infused water with Citrus Fresh essential oil. Before you go to sleep, prepare […]

Let Go of Your Emotional Hurdles

Create Positive Emotions And Throw All Those Emotional Hurdles!
Emotional hurdles when left unchecked, can affect our body and mind. Because our body and emotions are connected. Avoid pushing your emotions deeper and deeper. Your negative feelings such as pain, fear and anger can move into your heart, liver, kidney, stomach, or to your other vital systems. Driving emotions deeper into […]

Keeping A Sharp Mind with Essential Oils

Using Essential Oils Is A Great Help In Maintaining A Sharp Mind!

Essential oils can help you clear your mind and keep it sharper even in the middle of the day. When you need to get through the day, you can get an extra energy by inhaling essential oils directly from the bottle. This way they help you clear and boost your […]

5 Natural Remedies for Nausea

Discover These Natural Remedies When You Experience Nausea.

Are there Natural Remedies for Nausea, you may ask? Nausea is common to everyone; we are experiencing it once in a while. We can feel this out-of-motion sickness from riding a car, morning sickness due to pregnancy, a side effect of taking medicine, or it can also be a symptom of an illness. Following are […]

Scents of Autumn at Home Using Essential Oils

Enjoy The Scents Of Autumn Even Inside Your Home Using Essential Oils!

Scents of autumn – it’s the nostalgic smell that you want to have also inside your home. Fill your home with the sweet and spicy aroma with the use of Young Living essential oils. These oils can provide you with meditative and warm scents, as well as invigorating and […]


Cistus – An Oil Of Many Names
Cistus oil is steam distilled from the Cistus ladanifer tree originating from the Mediterranean and has a soft, honey-like scent. Cistus has been treasured throughout history: The ancient Egyptians imported the herb and treasured the resin for its distinctive aromatic properties. It is also believed that Cistus may be the small shrub or tree […]

Clarity by Diffusing Essential Oils

Obtain Clarity In Your Life with The Use of Essential Oils!
Diffusing essential oils can give an amazing effect of giving you clarity and understanding on what you are doing. We all need clarity in our lives. You need clarity while you are working, or studying, or approaching any challenges that life will offer. You would also need clarity when feeling […]

Use Essential Oils Effectively (Part 2)

Learn To Use Essential Oils Effectively!
Use essential oils effectively in your daily routine. They can help you face everyday situations and challenges with peace of mind. You will use special essential oils depending on your needs, desire and situation. But the simplest way of using essential oils effectively is to apply a few drops to your hands and rub your […]

Use Essential Oils Effectively (Part 1)

Use Essential Oils Effectively And Reap The Benefits!
Use essential oils effectively and enjoy the benefits they offer. Young Living essential oils help support your body’s natural processes. Therapeutic-grade essential oils are not only used for aromatic purposes, but also to effectively and safely support your body. They are nature’s precious gifts to mankind.

Basic guidelines to use essential oils effectively:

Your […]

Choose the Right Attitude

Live A Happy Life And Choose The Right Attitude!
Choosing your attitude for each day will help you live a happy life. It is always the jump-start of every morning before you start your day. There may be negative influences that you will encounter. But choosing to look at the brighter side and leaving behind those negativities will help you become […]