How To Dissolve Cellulite

How To Dissolve Cellulite

Did you notice, even the most athletic women with a well-trained body show signs of cellulite. Cellulite is an accumulation of old fat cell clusters in the body. And this kind of fat is particularly hard to dissolve. Not only does extra weight take a toll on the heart and cardiovascular system, but also burdens our joints. being overweight, we often feel our knees, and have pain in hips and spine.

The other danger of wearing extra and excessive weight is the fact that toxins and petrochemicals such as pesticides, herbicides and heavy metals accumulate in fatty tissue. This can contribute to hormone imbalance, neurological problems, and a higher risk of cancer.

Essential oils such as tangerine and grapefruit may help digest fat cells. Grapefruit is found to increase the fat-dissolving action in areas of fat rolls, puckers, and dimples. Cypress enhances circulation to help with the elimination of fatty deposits. The essential oils of lemongrass and spearmint may help burn fat.

And Cel-Lite Magic massage oil may help dissolve cellulite deposits. Cel-Lite Magic includes 100% pure therapeutic-grade essential oils of grapefruit, cypress, cedarwood and juniper oil in carrier oils of grape seed oil wheat germ, sweet almond and olive oil, and is available at

Here is an Essential Oil Recipe for Cellulite:

Take 5 drops Rosemary CT cineol, 10 drops grapefruit and 2 drops cypress. Massage the oils into the skin at least once daily and before exercising. Cellulite is slow to dissolve, so target areas should be worked for a month or more in conjunction with weight training and a weight loss program.

Another Cellulite Recipe:

Take 9 drops lemon and 9 drops cypress essential oil and mix in 2 ounces of jojoba oil. Apply 1-3 times daily, depending on the extent of the problem and your age. Old fat and cellulite take longer to dissolve, so be patient. You should begin to see results in 6 to 8 weeks when used in combination with a muscle-building and a weight-loss regime such as the Young Lifestyles Transformation Program.

Here is a Bath Recipe for Cellulite:

In 2 tbsp. of honey mix 5 drops juniper, 3 drops orange, 3 drops cypress, and 3 drops lemon essential oil. Dissolve in warm bath water. After the bath, massage with Cel-Lite Magic.

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