Harvest and Buy German Chamomile Seeds

Harvest and Buy German Chamomile Seeds

Chamomile Harvest

I planted lots of chamomile around our vegetable garden this spring, on the assumption that it would make a good companion plant. It does seem to be doing well at attracting bees and other beneficial insects. We think the chamomile is a very pretty addition to the garden.

Harvesting Chamomile Flowers:
The main reason why we planted chamomile is so that we can make our own chamomile tea. I have begun to harvest the flowers and dry them. Harvesting the flowers takes a bit of patience, but it’s a beautiful job. The scent of the chamomile is wonderfully calming. I hope that even in the middle of winter we will be able to enjoy cups of tea flavored with these lovely spring flowers.

Source: Farmlet.co.nz

Buy German Chamomile Seeds

The German Chamomile (Matricaria recutita) is one of the herbs the world loves best. Chamomile, with its wonderful fragrance, is a nice addition to your flower or herb garden. Herbs are reputed to be excellent companion crops. Old-timers plant chamomile with cucumbers and onions to enhance their growth. Makes a soothing tea. Drought tolerant and suitable for containers.

  • Plant Type: Annual
  • When to Sow Outside: Spring, as early as the soil can be worked.
  • When to Sow Inside: Ten weeks before last frost.
  • Seed Depth: Press seeds onto surface of the soil
  • Seed Spacing: 1″
  • Days to Emerge: 10 to 15
  • Thinning: When 1/2″ tall, thin to 6″ apart

Source: Gardenguides.com


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