Light the Fire

Light the Fire

Young Living Introduces An Extraordinary Oil Blend – Light The Fire!


Light the Fire essential oil blendLight the Fire essential oil blend is a proprietary and unique combination of exclusive essential oils from Young Living. This specially formulated blend has exotic aromas that are relaxing to the mind and body.

This essential oil blend is composed of essential oils such as Black Pepper, Nutmeg, Canadian Fleabane, and Cassia. Also, Light the Fire is a combination of Ocotea and Mastrante from Young Living’s Ecuador Farm. It has the exclusive Northern Lights Black Spruce from our Northern Lights Canada Farm. This oil is the first oil that was distilled on that farm. Lastly, it includes the Jade Lemon and Hinoki essential oils from our Taiwan farm.

Light the Fire can be one of your favorite oil blends because it has naturally occurring constituents such as limonene, alpha-pinene, beta-pinene, and beta-caryophyllene.

You can enjoy the inspiring and relaxing aroma of Light the Fire essential oil blend throughout the day by massaging the oil on your legs. You can also apply the oil to your heart every morning. Light the Fire is a potent oil blend, so don’t forget to dilute this oil with the V-6 Vegetable Oil Complex.

Here are other effective ways to use Light the Fire:

  • Enjoy its inspiring and warm aroma by diluting and applying it to your heart and wrists.
  • Start and ignite your day with a morning prayer or meditate using Light the Fire.
  • You can also experience its rich fragrance by using Light the Fire together with Present Time, Live With Passion, Magnify Your Purpose, Valor II, or Build Your Dream.
  • You can inhale the spicy aroma of this oil blend directly from its bottle.
  • Add the Light the Fire to V-6 massage oil and massage it to your feet before going to bed.

Inspire your life using this special oil blend. Try this essential oil blend now – Light the Fire!

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