The New Aroma Diffuser from Young Living

The New Aroma Diffuser from Young Living

New Aroma DiffuserCheck the newest product of Young Living diffuser family, the Aroma Diffuser. This diffuser has the power to turn the mixture of essential oils and water into extremely fine micro particles. Aroma diffuser utilizes ultrasonic technology making it possible for this diffuser to break up ingredients like that and disperse them into the air. It helps people in building a healthy, natural, and pure living environment by providing an excellent method of calming and moisturizing.

New Aroma Diffuser has great features that includes an LED light; an elegant design which is bamboo-inspired; it can continue diffusing for 1 or 4 hours because of its timer settings; and using this diffuser will able you to use ordinary tap or mineral water. Approximate dimensions are 25.2 cm high, 12.6 cm wide and 7.5 cm deep.

This new diffuser has a stylish design that would complement most décor, but not only that, when you use Aroma Diffuser you will see that it is quiet and generates a generous vapor volume. For those who wanted to introduce the benefits of Young Living essential oils to your family, friends and others, this diffuser would be the simple and effective way to use.

Here are some of blend suggestions from Young Living Facebook fans that you can test out in your new Aroma Diffuser:

“Weight loss blend: Peppermint, Lemon, andGrapefruit!” —Danica N.

“Peace & Calming® and Clarity.” —Bri J.

“Rosemary/Lemon, Citrus Fresh™/Lavender, Lavender/Citrus Fresh, Grapefruit/Peppermint.” —Amarilys B.

“Seven drops of Lime and three drops of Hinoki.” —Dionne G.
“Cedarwood and Tangerine!” —Michelle J.

“Lavender and Lime!” —Dana B.

“Orange and Peace & Calming are good together.” —Jennifer K.

Try this new Aroma Diffuser to your favorite diffuser blends, too!

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