Slique Bars: Keeping a Healthy Summer Body

Slique Bars: Keeping a Healthy Summer Body

Eat Slique Bars to stay healthy while keeping a beach body for this summer.

Here’s the perfect snack option for those who wanted to achieve their weight-management goals. Slique Bars is the newest product of Young Living in addition to Slique product line.

Slique Bars
Young Living focused on three key components in developing Slique Bars: potato skin extract, fiber, and nutrition.

Potato Skin Extract

Having a special protein, this component will help your body increases the release of cholecystokinin (CCK). Ckk helps our mind to control or manage hunger by signaling that food has already been eaten. This promotes feelings of fullness that avoid us from feeling hungry for periods of time. This is an all-natural ingredient that does not have side effects that commonly associated with other commonly used-weight-management ingredients. It does not stimulate metabolism or can cause jitters unlike those so-called “fat-burners” that can be found on the market.


This kind of component that can be found is chicory root inulin is known to be insoluble. This kind of fiber is not digested or absorbed in the digestive tract. This can help you feel full and avoid overeating because this bulk material will takes up space.


It’s one of the key components that Young Living gives concentration. Slique bars contain essential nutrition that comes from exotic nuts and berries. It has baru nuts, goldenberries, and wolfberries that make it nutritious to eat. And to add more health benefits, D. Gary Young also added cacao nibs that are dried using low heat to preserve its richness. Cacao nibs that are included in this product are prepared using a unique dehydration process.
This powerful snack is perfect to help you feel fuller longer and avoid mindless eating. With these essential key components, Slique Bars will surely help you achieve your weight-management goals!

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