Uses of Peace & Calming Essential Oil

Uses of Peace & Calming Essential Oil

peacePeace & Calming is an essential oil that promotes relaxation and a deep sense of peace. It spreads a gentle, fragrant scent in your home, office or school environment when diffused in a cold air diffuser. Peace & Calming helps calm tensions and uplift the spirit. If you want a peaceful night’s rest after a stressful day, just massage this essential oil on the bottoms of your feet. It makes you feel comforted and at peace – like in the eye of a storm amidst the hectic and confusion of everyday living. It may also be especially calming and comforting to children after an overactive day – a real God sent for parents.

Learn more about Peace & Calming essential oil and its uses.

Tips On How To Use Peace & Calming:

  • For a soothing and relaxing effect, apply on the reflex points of the feet and the back of the neck.
  • Massage on the bottom of the feet to relax and promote a good night’s sleep.
  • To calm down your overactive kids, just rub Peace & Calming on their feet, or diffuse this calming oil blend in the background. You’ll be amazed how fast your kids will convert from a roaring lion into a purring kitten.
  • To calm down your overactive pet, rub Peace & Calming essential oil on its ears for a quick and profound effect.

What Young Living Distributors Say:

“I diffuse Peace & Calming in my son’s room during his naptime! He used to wake up angry after a very short nap. With Peace & Calming, he takes much longer naps and wakes up playing and laughing. I’m one happy momma!”
—Emily L., YL Star

“I put a couple of drops in my baby’s homemade wipes. It smells so good!”
—Tashara M., YL Distributor

“I rub some on busy tables in my classroom. I don’t put it on the students, just on the table. The aroma helps to calm.”
—Stephanie H., YL Star

“I use it to massage my yoga students at the end of yoga classes! They love it!”
—Shannon M., YL Distributor

“I put 4–5 drops of Peace & Calming on the bottom of each foot before going to bed. I then inhale the oil (cupped hands over my nose) after application, followed by a dousing on my temples, crown and third eye with Dream Catcher™ essential oil blend. This is my bedtime regimen.”
—Justin A., YL Star

“I mix it with water and spray our home. I also use it before I go on the road or into a store. I love this oil.”
—Shawn C., YL Distributor

“We are currently going through a hospital-wide computer conversion. During the training classes, I offered it to co-workers to relieve stress, and they all commented on how relaxed they were during class. I also use it at nighttime and sleep very soundly.”
—Lorie W., Star

Another thing to know is that you can also blend this essential oil with V-6™ Enhanced Vegetable Oil Complex for a calming massage.


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