Reduce Your Stress With Young Living Essential Oils

Reduce Your Stress With Young Living Essential Oils

Say Goodbye To Your Stress With The Help Of These Essential Oils!


Young Living essential oils can help you find a balance in your life. These oils can take your stress away. If you feel anxious or unable to cope with a situation, using essential oils can comfort those feelings greatly.

But before proceeding to use the hidden power of essential oils, you must first get to know the ways on how to harness the essence of essential oils. Here are some of the simple methods on how to use them:

Smell The Aroma

Experience the benefit of essential oils by taking a huge whiff out of the bottle. Doing this will open your heart to the power of nature. It will help you improve your focus and can make you feel better.

Add To Your Shower

Enjoy a luxurious shower experience and immerse yourself in a stream of essential oils. You can have an exquisite shower when you add a few drops of your favorite essential oil on the floor of your shower room. Get energized let your mind, body, and emotions experience the positive effects. Taking a shower with essential oils will not only clean your body, but your aura as well. Remember to cover the drain in the shower with your foot or a cloth for a few minutes and breathe in the aroma of the oil.

Carry The Scent With You

When you are going out, always carry a bottle of your favorite essential oil with you. Or just put a couple of drops onto your handkerchief, scarf, or a cotton pad and put it in your pocket. The energy of the aroma that the essential oil will provide you, has a uniquely uplifting effect on your mood and will support you all day long. This method will help you stay calm and feel better.

Nourish Your Body With An Oil Blend

Coat your whole body with an oil blend! To prepare the mixture, get a small dish and put 3 teaspoons of carrier oil (like V-6 Mixing Oil). Add 7-8 drops of your favorite essential oil and apply to your body. You can use this mixture also to massage your hands and feet for a relaxing effect.

Diffuse Essential Oils

Diffuse essential oils in your home and encourage a more comfortable living. Put 15 to 20 drops of essential oils in your Young Living essential oil diffuser. There are various models to choose from.

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Here is a list of essential oils that you should try!

  1. Rose – this oil can help you relieve stress
  2. Frankincense – perfect to use when you want a relaxing effect
  3. Lavender – this soothing essential oil builds strength and solidarity
  4. Bergamot – stay calm and relieve mild anxiety by using this oil
  5. Marjoram – get rid of grief and emotional pain with the use of Marjoram
  6. Vetiver – helps control your temper and makes you stay cool
  7. Chamomile – experience the soothing and calming effect of Chamomile
  8. Lemon – try this refreshing and gentle effect of Lemon
  9. Geranium – improve your mood greatly with this essential oil
  10. Cinnamon – the sweet effect of Cinnamon will let you love what you are doing
  11. Fennel – start being kind to yourself and be happy
  12. Rosewood – let your heart fill with joy, happiness, and love by using this essential oil
  13. Ylang Ylang – release frustration and anger with this oil

Uplift your mood, mind, body, and spirit with these simple methods using Young Living essential oil!

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