5 Phases of Young Living’s Nutritional Supplements

5 Phases of Young Living’s Nutritional Supplements

Young Living’s nutritional supplements offer a lot of benefits to it’s users. They always make sure to provide products that will give an effective and convenient way to get all the benefits of essential oils. They also provide other necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Here’s a general outline of how Young Living high-quality nutritional supplements go from ideation to launching of products.


Ideation Phase – This first process depends on Young Living’s Founder and CEO D. Gary Young. At the right time he will unveil his next creation. This is the longest part in the process because it always depends on the right timing of developing and evolving of a product in his mind. It may take weeks, months or even a few years for Gary Young to determine the right time to step onto the next level.

Formulation Phase – When Gary is done thinking of a new creation, this is the time he will introduce his ideas to the Product Management and Research Development teams to talk about it. Then, the team will search for all natural ingredients needed to combine with pure essential oils, to offer superior health benefits to the users. It is the phase where the team discoveres that Gary’s laboratory can be found everywhere. That time, he was working so hard on his kitchen table when he finally achieved the fabulous Slique Gum with oleo gum resin as one of its ingredients. This product is a perfect combination of frankincense resin and essential oils.

Development and Testing Phase – This is the phase where the team will search for a manufacturing partner that will be best suited for the project. It is not that easy to qualify as a partner for a new Young Living creation. This manufacturing company should pass the extensive auditing process that includes safety, financial and quality standards. It is the step where the team will produce the pilot batches and samples of the new product.

Production Phase – In this phase, the team makes sure that everything is duplicated exactly as designed. They will go on a visit to the manufacturer for several times to ensure the quality of the product. This phase will lasts for 12-18 weeks.

Launch Phase – This is the last phase and usually happens during a Young Living convention. Members and staff are the first people who are privileged to experience the new and final product once it is launched.

Using all Young Living products including their nutritional supplements will surely give you confidence that you will get all the benefits that you need. These nutritional products will support your overall health and wellness for they are created with years of dedication in combining nature and science.


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