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5 Distributor Enrollment Kit Options

As a new Distributor, you can choose among five different kits when enrolling. Three great things about these kits are:
  • They give you as a new Distributor access to a core selection of products at savings - which means more wonderful experiences with our products right from the start.
  • The four kits over $50 give you immediate access to Autoship Rewards, and
  • They give the sponsoring Distributor significant PV. (That means, when you enroll a new member, you get a commission on your member's first order.)
Here are the new enrollment kit options. This is just a quick overview. When you enroll, you will get the complete details on each kit.

Start Living Kit
(This replaces the former "Success Kit".)
Code: 3693
Price: $40.00
PV: 0
The "Start Living Kit" includes an array of business tools, including multiple brochures, booklets, and forms, a user's guide and product guide, 3 DVD's, two 5 ml bottles of our most popular, therapeutic grade essential oils - Peppermint and Lavender - and 3 single serving packets of the record-breaking antioxidant "super juice" exclusively from Young Living: NingXia Red, and a 50% OFF Coupon for our state-of-the-art essential oil diffuser - these savings alone pay for this kit well over!

Start Living with Everyday Oils Kit
Code: 3700
Price: $115.00
PV: 115
In addition to the product information, service explanations, sales aids, and training materials included in the Start Living Kit, this enrollment kit also contains 9 bottles of some of our most popular and powerful essential oils: Thieves, Lemon, Purification, Frankincense, Peppermint, PanAway, Peace & Calming, Valor, and Lavender.

Start Living with NingXia Red Kit
Code: 3696
Price: $185.00
PV: 150
Includes all the printed and digital materials in the Start Living Kit plus the Ningxia Red 4-Pack, which is 4 1-liter bottles of Ningxia Red and 10 single serving packets to use for travel or to give away.

Start Living with Thieves Kit
Code: 3694
Price: $150.00
PV: 115
Includes all the printed and digital materials in the Start Living Kit plus: The Thieves Pack, which includes a 15 ml bottle of Thieves essential oil blend, 2 bottles of Thieves Household Cleaner, 2 Thieves Foaming Hand Soap, 3 bottles of Thieves Spray (pocket-sized squeeze and spray), 1 tube of Dentarome Ultra Toothpaste, and 1 one bottle of Thieves Fresh Essence Plus Mouthwash.

Start Living with Cleanse / Core Essentials Kit
Code: 3685
Price: $275.00
PV: 240
Includes all the printed and digital materials in the Start Living Kit plus: The Five Day Nutritive Cleanse Pack ( 1 Balance Complete, 1 Ningxia Red, 1 Digest + Cleanse) and The Core Essentials Pack ( 2 Balance Complete, 1 Ningxia Red, 1 Omega Blue, and 1 Longevity blend essential oil).

Choose One, Let's Start!

Make your selection and let's get started! Wishing you well with all the new ways to Start Young Living! Find your niche. Select the Product Line that speaks to you, that excites you; the product that you are passionate about to show to someone else.

Two (2) Steps to Get Started Today:

  1. Select your favorite Starter Kit.

  2. Set up your monthly Autoship Order.

NingXia Red Combo Your monthly autoship order of at least 50 PV (100 PV is recommended to profit from all bonuses the company offers) will consist of products that you use every month. But the content of the order can be different every time and can be changed up to the night before the selected shipping date. So, you could choose a different Autoship Pack (see below) each month, or one once a year, or combined with other Autoship orders as you like!)

Just some of my monthly autoship products are 2 liter NingXia Red Wolfberry Juice, lavender and lemon oil, and the blends Purification and Thieves. That's the minimum I need every month. Then add vitamins, soap, shampoo and skin care products. I am sure you'll find enough products that you will need on a monthly basis. Transfer Buying to your own Young Living Store!

An ideal Autoship for starters is the NingXia Red Combo - 1 Liter Wolfberry Juice plus 12 Samples to share. This is exactly 50 PV.

We offer 5 convenient Autoship Packs stuffed with sought after products we use every month!

5 Autoship Packs

For Preferred Customers and Distributors who want to get lower prices on some of Young Living's most popular products. The following Autoship Packs are available only through the Essential Rewards Autoship Program which you can set up at the time of enrollment, or anytime after enrollment in your Young Living virtual office.

Everyday Oils Autoship Pack
Code: 3695
Price: Pref. Cust.-$133.16    Dist.-$115
PV: 115

Core Essentials Autoship Pack
Code: 3927
Price: Pref. Cust.-$179.47     Dist.-$155
PV: 155

NingXia Red Autoship Pack
Code: 3699
Price: Pref. Cust.-$173.68     Dist.-$150
PV: 150

ART Autoship Pack
Code: 3765
Price: Pref. Cust.-$133.16     Dist.-$115
PV: 115

Thieves Autoship Pack
Code: 3697
Price: Pref. Cust.-$133.16     Dist.-$115
PV: 115

We Offer The Convenience of Autoship

What is Autoship, and why is it a good idea to have? Autoship is an easy way to ensure your status as an active Distributor to receive commissions. Your selected products are automatically shipped to you every month on the day you select. You can change your order at any time. Consider Autoship because you will also earn 10-20% Essential Rewards Bonus Points with every purchase that you can redeem for more products!

Essential Rewards offer you more:

  • Security of always having the products that you consistently use and share with others. Just make your selection, then put your mind at ease. Young Living will do the rest.

  • Savings generated from points earned for free product. Get up to $75 free product every month and save on shipping costs.

  • Success created by increased business, educational opportunities, and exclusive "member only" promotions.
Considering that an average home uses $200 worth of personal care items per month, such as toothpaste, soap, shampoo, vitamins, etc. It should be fairly easy to see why joining our Autoship Program makes sense. Have your supply conveniently delivered to your doorstep every month - and never miss a commission check!

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Consider one of the Starter Kits above. They are a Great Buy!

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