From The History Channel Series on Television - Documentary Film of the Killer Flu Epidemic of 1918

The "Doomsday Flu" is America's wake-up call to what medical scientists and historians believe is inevitable...The re-emergence of a influenza virus that killed millions of people and created a worldwide panic.

In the early autumn of 1918, the United States was enjoying warm weather, prosperity, and a standard of health care that put it near the top of the world's nations. Any thought of mass deaths were 3000 miles away where American "Doughboys" were fighting the Great World War.

By the 2nd decade of the 20th century, huge advances in science and medicine had already controlled many of the epidemic killers like typhoid, typhus and small-pox. Most of the old killers had preventative vaccines. TB was controllable through X-ray detection and quick quarantine...And the flu had long passed the front ranks of dangerous diseases.

But from the Fall of 1918 to that early next Spring, an estimated 500,000 Americans (25,000,000 worldwide) would die from what history has dubbed, the Doomsday Flu of 1918 ... the forgotten plague.

It's a sobering thought to know that each of us has entertained the genetic ancestor of that terrible virus that wrecked such havoc...And to realize that with just a change or two in it's ever mutating genetic cauldron, the Doomsday Flu could emerge wearing a brand new death mask.

Prosperity and good times are back with us, but good times have also dulled our senses to what lies ahead...the next imminent killer influenza outbreak. Who will warn those we love?


An Open Letter to Parents


Protecting Your Family
Against Lethal Infectious Disease

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