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Healing - Times Three

by Kathy Farmer

After working with many people over the last few years, most wanting to go from ill health to wellness, I've observed some common denominators with the people who get well and stay well. I have come to the conclusion that we need to heal on three levels. I've witnessed many people defy overwhelming odd and create miracles. Those amazing results come form healing occurring on all three levels.

The first level of healing is the spiritual level. It is also the only level that can produce so much healing energy; the other two levels can heal spontaneously. There is a need for some type of spiritual connection. Many find this connection within organized religion, some find it on a much more individual basis. I know one person whose spiritual connection is gardening. She said the feeling of the warm soil between her fingers connected her to all of nature. The key is we NEED to have faith in something and that something is as individual as we are. To help create faith in your own healing, create mental movies of yourself in perfect health.

The second level of healing is emotional. Clear yourself daily of emotional "baggage". Forgive yourself and others you may feel have harmed you in some way. Do this at least once daily. If you donít feel forgiving yet, pretend and act as if you do. You'll soon feel it is as well. Pray or meditate in the morning and evening to relieve stress. Even repeating forgiveness affirmations such as, "I, ****, forgive ______" for any real or imagined digressions. I usually suggest doing the affirmations 35 times in the morning, and 35 times in the evening for a period of a week at a time. The only place I have ever noticed a particular number associated with forgiveness is in the Bible where it states "forgiveness comes in seventy times seven". I believe it is very important to spend a week forgiving yourself after each week of forgiving someone else.

Finally the third level is physical. This level of healing includes nutritionówhat we don't eat is as important as what we do eat, and what we do such as exercise, water, air, bodywork, chiropractic and so on. I know of many people who have skipped the first two levels and become well, but without working on the spiritual or emotional levels developed other problems.

Iíve also noticed we donít need to do everything perfectly to see results. The intention and desire to work on all areas seems the most important. A will to live is a necessity.

Much of the above article was written before I became involved with Young Living. At that time, I had no way to assist people who became depressed or had lost their faith or will to live. I could offer encouragement, but so much was dependent on their emotions. With the essential oils, we now can support ourselves on all three levels. Some oils such as frankincense and sandalwood can actually strengthen our faith. With essential oils we can truly heal times three.

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