Myrtle - Sinus
myrtle - sinus

Effects of Myrtle Essential Oil on Uncomplicated Sinus Infection

Originally published in German, January 1997

This double-blind study was designed to demonstrate the importance of allowing drainage of the sinuses as a therapeutic concept.

A study was begun with 331 patients who had acute sinusitis. 291 patients remained with the study. The study was conducted in 16 centers during a 14 day observation period.

The patients were treated for 6 +/- 2 days with Myrtle Essential Oil, another unnamed Essential Oils or with a placebo.

The results of the study showed that both the Myrtle and other Essential Oil were significantly superior to the placebo.

In conclusion:

The results of this double-blind study support the value of Essential Oils like Myrtle as an effective treatment in acute uncomplicated sinus infection instead of antibiotics as a first choice.

From The Publisher:

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Essential Oils Online #014 by Jim Lynn

myrtle - sinus

Myrtle has been researched by Dr. Daniel Penoel for its effects on hormonal imbalances of the thyroid and ovaries. It has also been researched for its soothing effects on the respiratory system. Myrtle may help with chronic coughs and respiratory tract ailments.

How to use: Apply topically, diffuse, or use in a humidifier. Suitable for use on children.

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