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The Super Food of Super Supplements

(Formerly VitaGreen) By Jim Lynn

Agave Syrup If you have yet to discover Young Living's amazing MultiGreens supplement, I hope you will want to order a quantity soon after reading this report. Once you experience the power of this super-green, super-rich nutrient for yourself, you will never want to go without it ever again.

MultiGreens provides one of the widest spectrums of naturally occurring nutrients known to man. Oh sure, there are other "green food" supplements out there on the market, and they are good. But, friend, wait until you read about MultiGreens. If so called "green food" supplements are called "super" supplements, MultiGreens is the super supplement of super supplements.

So what makes Young Living's MultiGreens super-green supplement superior to other super-green supplements you ask?

To begin, MultiGreens is a "live" food containing nutrients and phytochemicals that you will never find in a typical vitamin supplement, nutrients like: enzymes, chlorophyll, amino acids, etc. Two of MultiGreens' primary ingredients are Spirulina and Barley grass. Spirulina (a blue-green algae containing over 100 synergistic nutrients) is rich in concentrated protein and chlorophyll. Barley grass is considered the most nutritional of the green grasses.

In articles in the Oct.27th, 1997 issue of MacLeans magazine and the April 25th, 1994 issue of Newsweek magazine, plant compounds known as "phytochemicals" were hailed as an exciting and promising new area of nutritional health research. The nutritional power behind plant nutrients and phytochemicals is not that they are there in "megadose" amount of any one particular nutrient, rather it is in the way all the plant elements "combine to work together".

Dr. Yohishide Hagiwara, a leading authority on health food and green foods, said, "It was clear to me, then, that the leaves of the cereal grasses provide the nearest thing this planet offers to the perfect food. For reasons of palatability, higher nutrient content, and favorable harvesting features, green barley stands out as the best among these."

Green barley grass also contains chlorophyll. Chlorophyll has been studied for its potential as a deodorant, in stimulating tissue growth, and in stimulating red blood cells in connection with blood supply. Perhaps most remarkable is the similarity between chlorophyll and the red pigment in blood. Research in the 1940s demonstrated that the two pigments react the same during breakdown.

According to an article in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute (Jan. 4, 1995), chlorophyll fed to laboratory animals reduces absorption of three dietary carcinogens: heterocyclic amines (found in cooked muscle meats), polycyclic hydrocarbons (found in smoked and barbecued foods), and aflatoxin (a mold on peanuts). The chlorophyll formed complex compounds with the carcinogens while they were still in the digestive tract, limiting their bioavailability. Chlorophyll has also been found to reduce fecal, urinary, and body odor in geriatric patients.

But MultiGreens has much more going for it than Barley grass, it's primary ingredient is Spirulina. Spirulina is 58 times richer in organic Iron than raw spinach and 28 times richer than raw beef liver! Filled with Beta-Carotene (Pro Vitamin A), Spirulina is 25 times richer than raw carrots. It contains a spectrum of every natural antioxidant known, including: the antioxidant vitamins B-1 and B-6; the minerals zinc, manganese and copper; the amino acid methionine; and the superantioxidants beta-carotene, vitamin E and trace element selenium.

Spirulina is also nature's richest whole-food source of Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA). Its oils are 3 times richer in GLA than evening primrose oil. Studies have indicated that GLA helps lower blood cholesterol and high blood pressure and eases such conditions as arthritis, premenstrual pain, eczema and otherskin conditions.

The combination of Spirulina and Barley grass separates MultiGreens from the super green food supplement shelf, but this still does not explain why Young Living's MultiGreens is the super supplement of green food supplements. So what IS the secret?

Essential Oils!

So what you say? Well experience has shown that before putting essential oils in MultiGreens, there was a 42% blood absorption in 24 hours. After adding essential oils to MultiGreens, blood absorption increased to 64% in 30 minutes and 86% in one hour. The conclusion is that the cells were now receiving nutrients that they had previously not been able to assimilate. No other super green food supplement can make this claim. (People's Desk Reference For Essential Oils, 1st Edition, p. 205)

Young Living's MultiGreens is the only super "green food" supplement containing the essential oils of Melissa, Lemon, Lemongrass and Rosemary. Not content with the formulation, Young Living also added Bee Pollen, Panax Ginseng, and amino acids like L-arginine, L-cystine and L-tyrosine into this fabulous product. There is simply no other product that can compare itself to MultiGreens on the market today.

Offered in capsule form, the suggested daily intake to increase metabolism is three capsules twice a day. You may safely increase this amount as needed until you begin to feel results.

Athletes and others dealing with stress often take larger amounts; sometimes as many as six times the suggested daily amount listed on the label.

Although MultiGreens comes as a capsule intended to be swallowed, faster results can be obtained by placing MultiGreens dry under the tongue. Let me warn you, though. The taste is strong. Just open the capsule and pinch the powder between the thumb and first finger and place under the tongue. Move your tongue back and forth. The MultiGreens will be absorbed through the mucous membrane directly into the bloodstream. Allow about one minute to pass before drinking water or juice to give the MultiGreens time to be absorbed into the mucous membrane.

The information shared herein is given by faith in a higher power over that of man.

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