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While America Sleeps
The Story of Approaching Pestilence
By Jim Lynn

The threat of biological terrorism and influenza-caused pandemics are two short-fused time-bombs ready to explode. No one can blow them out...But you can survive the blast.

Daily routine is a wonderful blessing, don't you think? I mean it's the stuff of life that hundreds of millions of us enjoy. So much so, we complain about it jokingly at times, just because our lives are routine. In fact, we take our peaceful and ordered existence so much for granted, it has a tendency to lull us to sleep at times.

Therein lies our danger. Our lives and society as we know it are being threatened by the approach of a disastrous, unstoppable pestilence. And unless the masses are jarred awake from their complacency and slumber soon, our generation will experience a hell on earth like no generation before it.

Perhaps its because I look at life through 56 year old eyes. Maybe it's paranoia setting in from watching too many disaster movies...Then again, maybe it's because every telltale sign is pointing to it, even though many people are in a lull and can't see nor hear what the signs are telling us.

Volumes of books have been written about the problems related to Y2K or 2012, but precious little has been said on how a family can expect to protect themselves against an outbreak of pestilence. The whole situation is complicated further by a misguided belief that our government and medical care givers will always have some "magic bullet" of a vaccine or pill to protect and save us. The truth is there is no magic bullet and government can do little to protect us when we may need it the most.

Within the next 24 months from this writing, it is highly likely your family will be threatened by the presence of a deadly strain of influenza (a virus), a man-made release of anthrax (a bacteria) ...or both. The arrivals of which are anticipated, expected, forecasted, whatever word you wish to use that describes what researchers and government officials are saying will happen.


Health officials are holding their breath in anticipation of the next generation of killer virus. They know from history and from understanding its nature that a major outbreak is overdue.

Robert G. Webster, Ph.D., Chairman of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Department of Virology and Molecular Biology, recently stated a worldwide influenza epidemic is a "certainty in the near future". According to Dr. Webster, there are enough susceptible people to support a global epidemic, or pandemic. Particularly at risk are children, teens and young adults born after the last appearance in 1968 of the Asian flu sub-type, also known as H2, of influenza type A.

More than 70,000 Americans died of the Asian flu when it first appeared during the 1957-58 flu season. There is a vast network of virus watchers constantly on watch. Their mission is to get ahead of any virus outbreak and isolate it from people. But doing so depends on good communication, the speed of their response time, and good investigative work.

But virus researchers will tell you their success or failure to stop a major viral outbreak is a "crap shoot" at best. The reporting system in place is not that efficient to begin with, and the likelihood of getting ahead of an outbreak to isolate and stop it is not good. Once a new virulent strain makes it past the virus watchers, the world is on its own.

Six years ago, a group of scientists from government health agencies, including the Centers for Disease Control, the Food and Drug Administration, and the National Institutes of Health formed to lay the groundwork for a national strategy to cope with the next killer flu. Nancy Cox, Chairperson of the group from 1993 to 96 had this to say about being able to stop a pandemic...

"We know we are not going to be able to stop a pandemic. By the time you realize things are really happening, it's going to be too late. With a virus spread by respiratory route and with a quick onset, you're really at a disadvantage."

Typically, some 20,000 people are killed by influenza in the U.S. every year. They die because a virus infection overpowers their body.

Hundreds of thousands more who become infected annually by a virus, survive, but only because their body's immune system is able to overpower the viral invader. If the virus is particularly virulent (extra potent), more people die.

The death count of the most notorious viral outbreak known killed an estimated 30 million people world-wide in 1918. Researchers note that if the flu pandemic of 1918 had happened today, it would kill over 200 million people ... This because so many people have compromised their body's healing system by their lifestyle, and are unable to withstand a potentially lethal viral infection.

Your family can survive an influenza pandemic, but only if you are willing to take an active role in doing so. More on this later.


Biological warfare is a hideous form of man's inhumanity against man. While America has enjoyed most of its 223 years free from internal attack from foreign invaders, that is likely to change very soon.

For whatever reason Americans may be hated by certain nationalities of people, President Bill Clinton upped the ante when he ordered missile attacks last August against Sudan, Afghanistan and Pakistan, supposedly in an attempt to destroy Osama bin Laden, a Saudi fugitive who is accused of the U.S. Embassy bombings in Africa last August.

Government officials now fear an attack on American soil using either Nuclear, Biological or Chemical agents (dubbed NBC agents).

How severe is the threat of a NBC attack on the U.S?

On January 20, 1998, President Clinton said the threat of a terrorist group launching a germ or chemical attack on American soil is "highly likely" within the next few years. He has announced a major program to combat exotic forms of terrorism, which is expected to dominate national defense in the next century.

Clinton said that of all the new threats, the one that "keeps me awake at night" is the possibility of germ attack. "A chemical attack would be horrible, but it would be finite," he said, adding that it would not spread. But a biological attack could spread, he added, "kind of like the gift that keeps on giving."

In case such a horrendous event occurred, our ordered society would end as we know it. Marshal law would prevent the normal flow of commerce. People would not be able to freely seek medical attention from their family physicians. Medical supplies would be re-routed to government run facilities. It would be a mess unlike anything we have experienced.

Under the new defense program, steps would be taken to develop new vaccines, stockpiling antibiotics, and setting up emergency medical teams in major cities. You can translate that however you will, but to me it spells disaster.

Typically, vaccines cannot be created until after the fact. It takes a minimum of 6 months to make a vaccine once the microbial agent being used is identified. This is true for viral outbreaks as well. Precious time is then spent in manufacturing enough of the vaccine to inoculate the populace. In the time it takes to do all of this, an entire population could be wiped out. Government response to an outbreak may be well intentioned, but ineffective in terms of helping your family.

Your family can survive biological warfare, but only if they are prepared ahead of time. In the case of an anthrax release, there is a controversial vaccine being used by the U.S. Military. Because the vaccine has not been studied for possible side effects, a growing number of U.S. soldiers are refusing vaccination. There is only a small supply of the vaccine (not enough for all military personnel), and it will be years before the federal government stockpiles enough to vaccinate the entire American citizenry.

Our World

I have laid out just two likely scenarios, but there are several more. We live in an era of strange diseases where people suffer and even die with the medical community helplessly looking on. From AIDS to mutant flesh-eating streptococcus bacteria, from deadly hantavirus to nearly invisible "stealth" parasites like cryptosporidium and giardia, to deadly new strains of TB, you name it, the world is fast becoming a dangerous place to live.

Sadly, people who do nothing to protect themselves, people who assume the system will protect them, are the ones who will suffer the greatest. There are answers and solutions, but they will only work when and where people are willing to prepare for the inevitable, themselves!

You Can Beat Airborne Infectious Diseases

Essential oils diffused into the atmosphere of your home will create an effective killing zone against bacteria and viruses.

Nothing else even comes close to their effectiveness in killing airborne microorganisms, they work that well. Documented in clinical studies both in France and in the U.S., essential oils are your best bet against a lethal microbial invasion. Tests reveal essential oils are highly antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and antimicrobial, which means you can create an infectious-free zone within your home (for a fraction of the cost of a doctor visit). Best of all, diffusing is freely available and an enjoyable experience. Many of the oils are fragrant and have calming effects on the human body.

Our world is changing about us. Many new challenges lie ahead which threatens our peaceful existence. Those who prepare will be the ones who survive these challenges.

The future of tomorrow's health will not be found in a doctor's office, but right in your home. People of the 21st century will be self-reliant on finding answers to health issues. Essential oils and diffusing will become as common as aspirin, as people discover their amazing protective and healing powers. Take time to check it out.


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