Aromatic Diffuser

Aromatic Diffuser

The Preferred Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils Diffuser


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An essential oil diffuser is a state-of-the-art air cleaner (air purification, air filtration system). The jet diffuser delivers aromatic therapeutic-grade essential oil molecules into the air you breathe. A diffuser is nature’s best and most inexpensive air purifier. It eliminates airborne pathogens such as toxic mold and mildew, viruses and bacteria, dust and dust mites, and all unwanted odors. Acting as an air ionizer, a diffuser delivers fresh, clean air rich in negative irons right into your home and office. For desired results and optimum wellbeing, only use therapeutic-grade essential oils with a diffuser. A diffuser will be tomorrow’s standard of indoor air quality!

Set the desired moods in your home by the essential oils you diffuse – lavender for a calming effect; peppermint to energize and to keep you focused. Not only do diffused oils have an effect on emotions, but they also offer a defense to your home during winter seasons.

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Our Diffusers are custom-designed by Young Living to deliver the optimum benefits to the user. Young Living diffusers are compact, easy to assemble, and affordable. They work without heat so the therapeutic-grade essential oils are not compromised in their ability to deliver the desired results. Our diffuser emits a micro-fine vapor. The essential oil particles are suspended in the air.

When you breathe in the purified and heavenly scented air, your heart opens, your senses delight. The air is purified of pathogens: toxic mold, chemical emanation, stale and musty odor, and viruses and bacteria lodged in the air. Remember, the essential oil particles travel down the same pathway through your nose and throath as do the viruses and bacteria. And those therapeutic-grade essential oils do their part in eliminating pathogens. (See Research Reference)

Essential oil burners, oil rings or heat-induced aroma devices compromise the performance of essential oils. Shy away from them as well as from companies selling them. You can be certain any company, selling such essential oil heating devices, do not care about the quality of their essential oils. If they cared, such as Young Living does, they would go through the trouble and effort of developing and offering essential oil diffusers that keep the integrity of therapeutic-grade essential oils intact for optimum results.

If you are looking for perfume oils, scented concoctions, or just simply chemical odor eliminators, don’t look here any further. Scientists warn against such chemical-laden substances that are shown to undermine your wellbeing. Read about the Danger of Essential Oils.

Aroma-Essence does not offer perfume-quality oils. We bring you the world’s best therapeutic-grade essential oils. And there is a whole world of difference between perfume- and therapeutic-grade essential oils. Sometimes therapeutic-grade essential oils are not even more expensive then perfume oils; but more often they are. Remember, we are talking about your life. Only use Young Living Essential Oils. You are worth it!

Click here for details on how a diffuser works, which oils to use, and research reports on diffusing essential oils.


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