Back To School Essentials To Bring To School

Back To School Essentials To Bring To School

Here Are “Back To School Essentials”:

Essential Things To Prepare Before Your Kids Go Back To School


These back to school essentials to bring, when your children are going back to school again, should be already prepared. Here is a list of important things to consider and remember when your kids are going back to school this fall. With the help of these back-to-school essentials from Young Living, you can be sure that your children are always safe in all areas of the campus.

You may say that it is not easy for you to prepare all the back-to-school essential for your kids because of your own busy life. Therefore the easiest way to guard your children’s wellness and state of mind at school is listed below. And oh, these back to school essentials can also work for a parent like you!


To help your little student get ready for projects in school, give him this GeneYus that will provide him focus in finishing the task. This essential oil blend consists of Peppermint, Spearmint, Tangerine and other essential oils that encourage attention and a sharp mind. Always inspire your children to put a few drops of GeneYus at the back of their neck or on their wrists before going to school.

Inner Defense

Build your kids healthy and strong immune system by giving them Inner Defense capsules. This will help them boost their immune system that they need, especially when they are outdoors or at school.

The Power of AromaJoy

Before going to school, let your children enjoy an invigorating and positive aroma at home. Create an uplifting scent by diffusing Joy, an essential oil blend of Lemon, Bergamot, Palmarosa, and other essential oils. Diffusing this oil blend in your home produces a positive environment and uplifting spirits.

Slique Bars

One of the many worries of parents when their children are at school is, if they are eating right. You can prevent your children from eating junk food by giving them this delicious and healthy, perfect snack for lunch break. Slique Bars are a super food, packed with nuts and fruits that are ideal for a school snack.

NingXia Red Juice

Most importantly, give them their nutrient-rich NingXia Red Power drink in their lunch box. This drink is sweet, delicious and most beneficial. It’s a totally healthy antioxidant drink that helps them stay alert, sharp and concentrated.

Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier

It is impossible for you to check if your children are washing their hands before going to eat when they are at school. For your peace of mind, let them have and use the Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier. This Young Living product is easy to carry around and is excellent for your children, because it has no harmful ingredients. It is also easy to use!


As a parent, you want to help keep your children calm and relaxed. To achieve this, generate a peaceful environment for them using Lavender essential oil. This oil has an aromatic power to help you. You can add 2-4 drops of this oil to their evening bath for a soothing effect. You can also put a few drops onto their pillows or rub some drops onto their feet for a good night’s sleep. Diffuse this calming oil in the children’s room.

Every parent strives to keep their children safe. With the help of these Young Living products, you can be sure that your children have all the back to school essentials.

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