Effect of Berry Young Juice™ on the Immune System

Effect of Berry Young Juice™ on the Immune System

A Research Report by Sue Chao, June 20, 2002


  • Phagocytes are a crucial component of the immune system and are found in the spleen.
  • They digest (by phagocytosis) foreign substances that invade the body including bacteria and other disease causing organisms.
  • Having large numbers of phagocytes in the spleen will enable the body to more quickly eliminate foreign substances and thus prevent the development of potential illness.


  • Berry Young Juice™ increased spleenic phagocyte cell counts (immune cells) by 81%.
  • Berry Young Juice™ increased the ORAC (antioxidant capacity) of the subjects’ whole blood.

A Research Report from the Research Laboratory at
Young Living Essential Oils by Sue Chao, June 20, 2002


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