Essential Oil Fame: Blue Cypress

Essential Oil Fame: Blue Cypress

Get To Know What’s On The Spotlight -Blue Cypress Essential Oil!


Blue CypressBlue Cypress essential oil is one of the many essential oils that Young Living is so proud of. It is a very versatile oil that offers a lot of benefits. It is sometimes called as Blue Gold. Blue Cypress essential oil is known for its beauty and cobalt blue color, that is the only blue oil that comes naturally from a tree. Blue Tansy and German Chamomile are also blue essential oils, but they came from flowers unlike the Blue Cypress that came from a tree.

This essential oil from Young Living comes only from the native tree of Australia’s Northern Territory. It came from from the rare Northern Cypress Pine’s leaves and woods that are steamed distilled to produce the essential oil. Blue Cypress essential oil has a scientific name of Callitris intratropica. This name is derived from the Greek words calli means beautiful and treis which means three. Because Northern Cypress Pine has triangular leaves that are beautifully arranged in spirals.

Young Living’s Blue Cypress is known for its personal and household applications used by the Australian people for thousand of years. And it is continually used and is giving the same benefits to its users. Following are a few reasons on why you should apply Blue Cypress essential oil:

Support Muscles

This essential oil is ideal to use after your workout. Because it has the power to support your muscles. Just add a few drops of Blue Cypress essential oil to the V-6 Mixing Oil, or to the massage oils Ortho Ease or Ortho Sport. Rub these oils into your muscles gently after your workout.

Protect Your Skin

Blue Cypress essential oil can also be used in keeping your skin moisturized. It has an excellent properties that can lock moisture into your skin. You can use this essential oil alone or you can also blend it to your other favorite oils such as Royal Hawaiian, Sacred Frankincense, Sandalwood, or Lavender essential oils. Hydrate your skin by applying these oils topically.

Soothe Skin – Also For Men

Prevent the nicks, burn and cuts when you are shaving with the help of Blue Cypress. Just add 1-2 drops of this essential oil to your shaving cream or soap. Experience the difference!

Use in Household Cleaning

Get an extra cleaning power for your home by adding Blue Cypress to your favorite Thieves Household Cleaner. You can also add a custom blend of Clove and Lemon and mixed them into thewater. This will help you create an all-purpose cleaner that is free from harmful ingredients. This custom all purpose cleaner is safe to use for your desktops, bathrooms, kitchens, and other areas in your home.

Blue Cypress essential oil is so versatile that it should be used by everyone. Reap the benefits of this essential oil now!

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