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Business Opportunity of a Lifetime!

business opportunitySelect a business opportunity for life! In order for a business to survive, to be successful and to thrive, to serve mankind long term, there is a visionary, a pioneer who spearheads this company. D. Gary Young is such a rare individual, who through his own life knew of the suffering of mankind. He suffered a crippling logging accident when he was young. Doctors said, he would never be able to walk again. But Gary Young does not know the word “never”. He through sheer will power and the keen spirit of discovery, and a deep belief in the power of God’s love and providence, found a way out of pain and misery. He discovered essential oils – the life essence of plants, that hold the power to touch – the power to comfort- the power to change lives!

Nature’s Healing Essence In Your Hands!

A Mission: Happy And Healthy

For over 20 years, Gary Young has traveled the world researching and bringing the benefits of essential oils to the world. His discoveries bring health and joy to millions around the world. Come join us in bringing the blessings that nature’s living energy – Young Living Essential Oils – to your family and loved ones, to your community, into your world!

Essential Oils are nothing new. They were around in ancient Egypt some 5000 years ago. Essential Oils were mankind’s first medicine, long before herbs came into use. In times of Christ, essential oils were commonly used to anoint and heal the sick. Essential Oils have not lost any of their value since. Mankind has lost its touch with nature.

Now YOU can learn to use Essential Oils and bring Young Living’s mission to your neighborhood: “To help people help themselves be happy and healthy.” We are here to help! We need YOU! Consider THIS Business Opportunity!

Why Young Living?

  1. Young Living is the world leader in the production of therapeutic-grade essential oils!
  2. Young Living leads the way for all other essential oil companies by establishing the YLTG Standard (Young Living Therapeutic-Grade Standard) .
  3. Young Living is unique. We are leading the way. We are the pioneers. You want to associate with the best.
  4. Young Living is a family owned, debt-free company, who rewards its distributors handsomely. We have the best compensation plan, profit sharing opportunity, and you can do business worldwide!

THIS is Your Business Opportunity!

Wellness – Purpose – Abundance
Become A Young Living Distributor!

What Do You Need to Be Successful?

To be successful with the Young Living business opportunity you’ll need:

  • Dedication to excellence.
  • A willingness to learn new and exciting things.
  • Joy helping people help themselves be happy and healthy.
  • A willingness to follow a simple two-step process.

What you don’t need with our business opportunity:

  • You don’t need extra money, because you will save money by buying from your own store.
  • You don’t need a lot of extra time, just the willingness to share your discoveries with those around you.
  • You don’t need to worry about a “pyramind” scheme, because anyone can share into the company’s revenue!
  • You don’t need a lot to start a successful Young Living Business – just follow our lead!

You Need A Good Sponsor To Succeed!

Your most valuable asset is your Sponsor! I will take you by the hand and show you the way. I have been with Young Living for 18 years already. I have been with Young Living in the beginning. I saw the company grow and expand. Over the years I have gathered all the information you will ever need.

I have a simple but powerful plan for you. Follow my lead – you can’t but succeed. I have already made all the mistakes and learned all the lessons you could ever imagine. I spent a lot of money finding the “secret to success”. I will share my discoveries with you. More importantly, I will show you a simple but powerful plan to success with Young Living, that you can adopt right away!

Or get my unique “Business In A Box” (you can’t get this from any other sponsor!) and start your professional Aroma Therapy Business immediately. All the tools are already waiting for you. Use our diagnostic and therapy devices, get access to our database, browse through our expanded health and lifestyle library.

We are a team of doctors, chiropractors, health practitioners, nurses, teachers and people from all walks of life. And we are here to help YOU. Get started right!

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