Conifer Oils from Young Living’s Newest Distillery

Young Living offers powerful oils from conifer family of essential oils. These oils produced from Young Living’s newest distillery at Highland Flats Tree Farm invigorate the senses and encourage healthy emotions by providing an aromatic scent.

Here are some inside scoop about these powerful oils:
Idaho Balsam Fir
This Young Living essential oil has the power to soothe fatigued muscles, can uplift moods, […]

Tips on How to Fortify Your Mind and Protect Your Body

Think clearest, be bravest and stay healthiest! Young Living helps you to achieve and succeed with your goals in life. Fortify your mind! Protect your body! Here are your Young Living tips:


Wear the empowering fragrance of Valor. This convenient blend (also available as a roll-on) is a combination of the grounding influences of rosewood, blue tansy, frankincense, and spruce essential […]

8 Uses of Peace & Calming Essential Oil

8 Uses of Peace & Calming
How different uses of Peace and Calming make your day happier, healthier! Peace & Calming is an essential oil that promotes relaxation and a deep sense of peace. It spreads a gentle, fragrant scent in your home, office or school environment when diffused in a cold air diffuser. Peace & Calming helps calm tensions and […]

Aroma Carousel: The Best To Introduce Essential Oils

In an effort to make it easier for you to share the benefits of essential oils with your family and friends, Young Living developed the Aroma Carousel. An Aroma Carousel serves several purposes. You can use it as a beautiful display in your home. Or you can give it as a thoughtful gift to your loved ones. It lets them […]

Do It Yourself: Essential Oil Blends To Relieve Stress

When life gets hectic and stressful, remember Young Living essential oils! If you have no time to go to luxury places to relax and enjoy, make your own home spa. Here are the do-it-yourself blends from Young Living that you can easily prepare to take away all the stress of your day.

Quick Aromatic Blend
7 drops Lavender Essential Oil
3 drops Roman […]

Xiang Mao – Young Living’s Newest Single Essential Oil

Xiang Mao means “aromatic grass for rapid enlightenment” and is commonly known as red lemongrass. It is the newest Young Living’s single essential oil. Founder and CEO D. Gary Young loves to travel the world to search for health giving essential oils to add to the line of Young Living’s essential oils. This new oil is a rapid-growing clump grass […]

Essential Oil Mini Guide II

Other Uses for Essential Oils?
Inhalation-Direct: Place 2 or more drops into the palm of your left hand, and rub clockwise with the flat palm of your right hand. Cup your hands together over the nose and mouth and inhale deeply. (Do not touch your eyes!)

Add several drops of an essential oil to a bowl of hot (not boiling) water. Inhale […]

Aromatherapy Art of Healing

Aromatherapy Art uses therapeutic-grade essential oils for wellness. Live aroma-essence, as essential oils are called, is either inhaled, rubbed on, or ingested. Essential oils were mankind’s first therapy. Long before herbs came into use, some thousands of years ago, aromatherapy was already an advanced art for personal health, beauty and fitness.

The world has rediscovered aromatherapy today. Browse your […]

Rose Oil

Rose Oil is another treasured and commonly adulterated oil because it is in such high demand. For your therapeutic grade essential rose oil, see my Rose Collection. You can imagine, producing the purest of oils is very costly and may require several hundred or thousands of pounds of plants to extract one pound of oil.

“5,000 pound of rose petals are required […]

Adulterated Frankincense

Frankincense is another example of a commonly adulterated oil. The frankincense resin that is sold in Somalia costs between $30,000 and $35,000 per ton. A great deal of time—12 hours or more—is required to properly steam distill this essential oil from the resin, making it very expensive.

Frankincense oil that sells for $25 per ounce or less is invariably distilled with […]

Lavender that Burns

Beware of a health danger the industry does not want you to know! It’s called: Adulterated Oils!
Lavender Deception
Today much of the lavender oil sold in America is a hybrid called lavandin, grown and distilled in China, Russia, France, and Tasmania. It is brought into France, cut with synthetic linalyl acetate to improve the fragrance; propylene glycol, DEP, or DOP (solvents […]

Lavender Seeds

(Lavendula angustifolia)

This variety of lavender is very aromatic and rich in essential oils. Lavender has many uses in the home, for crafts, for home made cosmetics, and in the kitchen.

Prefers a well-drained, neutral to alkaline soil and lots of sun. Trim back in spring to encourage bushier growth.

Life Cycle: Perennial
Height: 18″ to 36″ inches
Hardiness Zones: 6 – […]

Warning! Lavender Deception

The industry does not want you to know that they use synthetic lavender oil. It’s cheap. It smells like lavender. Oftentimes it is mixed with propylene glycol (a known carcinogen!) because the lavender oil mixed with this substance has a rich feel – like silk when put on the skin.

The consumer has no way of knowing the difference between an […]

More Lavender Recipes

Lavender – (Lavandula angustifolia) is the most versatile of all essential oils. Therapeutic-grade lavender has been highly regarded for the skin. Lavender has been clinically evaluated for its relaxing effects. It may be used to cleanse cuts, bruises and skin irritations.

The fragrance of lavender is calming, relaxing and balancing — physically and emotionally. Our lavender plants are grown and distilled […]

Lavender Recipes

Lavender-Calendula Salve

2 dl cold-pressed organic safflower oil
185 g cocoa butter
175 g shea butter
16 g dried calendula flowers
25 g dried lavender flowers

Melt the fats on a water bath, add herbs, let sit on low heat for 1.5 hours, strain. Use a syringe to spritz the still-hot herbal salve into jars, put into the fridge to set.

Calendula […]

Lavender Benefits

Lavender surely was on his mind as Hippocrates, Father of Modern Medicine, taught that a daily aromatic bath and a scented massage would promote good health.

In 1928 Rene Gattefosse, a French research scientist discovered the remarkable healing properties of lavender oil by immediately applying it to a burn he received in a laboratory accident. He later coined the term “aromatherapy”.
“I […]

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