Clarity by Diffusing Essential Oils

Clarity by Diffusing Essential Oils

Obtain Clarity In Your Life with The Use of Essential Oils!

Clarity essential oilDiffusing essential oils can give an amazing effect of giving you clarity and understanding on what you are doing. We all need clarity in our lives. You need clarity while you are working, or studying, or approaching any challenges that life will offer. You would also need clarity when feeling afraid. One of the best approach to enhance your ability to think more creatively and clearer is to simply diffuse Clarity essential oil.

Using Clarity essential oil can also help you focus and concentrate on the things you need to do. Combine one drop of Clarity to other Young Living essential oils like Frankincense (one drop) and Brain Power (one drop). Then, massage on the back of your neck up your spine and into the soft spot between your first cervical vertebrae and your skull. See how this mixture helps you concentrate on things you need to focus on.

You can also use this to improve your understanding in learning. If you are still studying or you have siblings or children that you want to help focus on their studies, here are the things that you can follow:

  • Choose the subject that you are not familiar with but curious about. It is a good way to work our brain because it will work harder and become more active when we are looking for greater challenges.
  • Diffuse Clarity essential oil for at least 30 minutes twice a day.
  • Or try applying Clarity on the back of your neck up your spine. The same process we discussed earlier.
  • Also use Brain Power and apply on your temples.
  • Lastly, use and apply Frankincense essential oil on your hairline.

Always think with clarity. Using these essential oils from Young Living will help your brain power. Make sure to have this amazing trio of helpers always with you. Be guided in every aspect of your life with the help of these blessed essential oils.

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