Let Go of Your Emotional Hurdles

Let Go of Your Emotional Hurdles

Create Positive Emotions And Throw All Those Emotional Hurdles!

Emotional hurdles when left unchecked, can affect our body and mind. Because our body and emotions are connected. Avoid pushing your emotions deeper and deeper. Your negative feelings such as pain, fear and anger can move into your heart, liver, kidney, stomach, or to your other vital systems. Driving emotions deeper into your body can create a negative downward spiral.

Fight and combat these negative emotions with the help of Young Living essential oils. Young Living offers a natural solution to emotional problems. Release those deep and negative feelings with the help of Golden Touch 1 kit, along with sacred frankincense essential oil. Here are some easy steps you can follow to overcome those emotional hurdles:


Start moving forward and let go of the fear that is stopping you. Just apply a few drops of EndoFlex essential oil over your kidneys.


You can experience digestive issues when you stored too much emotion in your stomach. To help release these unwanted emotions, simply apply a few drops of DiGize to your abdomen and gently rub it.


There are emotions in your body that are hard to release and to let go. Raven will help you release that tension by rubbing a few drops of it on your chest.


Unwanted emotions taxing your system can cause mental fatigue. Avoid and reduce mental fatigue by applying Melrose essential oil to your upper stomach area or your solar plexus.


Overcome your undesirable emotions by supporting and protecting your body and immune system. Use Thieves essential oils and rub it on the bottoms of your feet.


Your circulatory system and lungs can also be a target of our negative feelings. Avoid this from happening by using R.C essential oils. Just diffuse the oil to help you process negative emotions stored in these body areas.

Sacred Frankincense

Improve your spiritual well-being and mental clarity by using Sacred Frankincense essential oil.

Achieve your purpose, abundance and greater wellness in life by overcoming negative emotions. Use these wonderful oils from Young Living that will help you have the power to fight these undesirable feelings.

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