Essential Oil Organizer

Essential Oil Organizer

With an Essential Oil Organizer everything is in its Place!

Choose an Essential Oil Organizer that suits your needs

Essential Oil Organizer

Without  an Essential Oil Organizer, nothing is as frustrating as searching for a bottle when you need it now. Where is my sage? Where is my lemongrass? The problem is, you never find the oil you need right now quickly and easily. You have to go through all your pouches and boxes, read each label and hopefully find your essential oil bottle somewhere among all these bottles of essential oils.

So make it easy on yourself. Get an Essential Oil Organizer!

I found 3 kinds of essential oil organizers on the internet that I really like, and believe me, I tested them all. All these lipstick acrylic organizers that are too small for essential oil bottles. Then there are organizers that have no secure stand. Some you even have to affix to the wall.

Essential Oil Organizer #1:

This is actually a round lipstick organizer I found in a store. It holds my 5 ml bottles perfectly and I use it for my kitchen oil. My Vitality Cooking Oils from Young Living are at my reach whenever I need to season the food. This organizer is handy, sits in any spare corner of your counter top or cabinet and has a nice and orderly look to it.

Essential Oil OrganizerEssential Oil Organizer #2:

This essential oil organizer sits on my counter top and since the bottles sit in the rack at an angle, I can easily see and read the labels. Its practical for use in the kitchen, but also fits in a drawer or on the shelf. I have not attached the two acrylic sideboards that come with the rack, because I like the bottles presented in an angle. It makes reading the labels much easier.

Essential Oil Organizer #3:

essential oil organizerThis beautiful and sturdy essential oil rack organizes my essential oil bottles perfectly. I use this organizer in my glass cabinet. It looks really orderly. Before I found this oil rack, I had the bottles lined up straight in rows, but as soon as you get out an oil from the back, the bottles are no longer orderly aligned. So this essential oil organizer solved my problem. The good thing is, it fits the shelves in my cabinet exactly .

So I hope you’ll find this information useful in keeping your bottles all in place, nicely aligned and at your fingertip.

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Essential Oil Organizer

Essential Oil Organizer


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