Essential Oils and Healthy Strategies in Relieving Stress

Essential Oils and Healthy Strategies in Relieving Stress

Using essential oils can be of great help in relieving your stress!

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Managing your stress is about coping with healthy strategies. You have to learn and try new techniques. Find what works for you and practice these techniques until they become your habits.

Here are some quick and easy tips on how to use some essential oils that you can incorporate in keeping you physically and mentally relaxed while doing your strategies.


One of the best ways to let go of what is bothering you is to write it down. Expressing what you really feel through writing will help you throw all those stress somehow. And by putting your feelings down on your paper, you can use and diffuse some essential oils such Release, Grounding, Inner Child or Clarity with the Aroma Diffuser.

Diffusing oil will encourage clarity of mind. Applying it topically is also effective. Writing will help you identify things that frustrate you, you can focus on these things and do some plan of action. Your plans can solve your frustrations whether to change the things that you can control. If things that bother you are out of your control, then the right thing to do is to let them go.


Appreciate very little things that are coming your way. Writing down these things that you are grateful for will help you remind of all the positive things in your life. Doing this will help you shift your focus from things that are not working well into things you can control. This activity can help you shift all those negative thoughts into more positive experiences. To help you increase your sense of gratitude and enhance your feelings of strength, you can diffuse or apply topically essential oils like Hope, Harmony, Humility, Joy, Inspiration or Gratitude.


Smiling is not only an exercise but an attitude. A genuine smile can help you increase positive feelings. Always find a good reason to smile to let go of your stress. But if you’re finding it difficult to genuinely smile, just look at what you’ve write into your gratitude journal. And to help you boost your mood and uplift your spirits, you can diffuse or topically apply Citrus Fresh or Joy essential oil.


Physical activities such stretching and doing some short yoga poses is a quick way to shift your energy filed. Moving your body will help you release stress in your body. Take a few moments in doing this technique with the help of some essential oils that can help you uplift your spirit. En-R-Gee, Live with Passion, Awaken and Envision are oils that can help ground you while stretching.
Can you share other techniques that can help release stress? How about other Young Living essential oils that you are using to give you positive energy? We’d love to hear from you!

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