Essential Oils To Boost Immunity

Essential Oils To Boost Immunity

Essential Oils To Boost Immunity: Improve Your Immunity With The Help Of Essential Oils!


Essential oils to boost immunity: Certain essential oils have the natural power to support the immune system.

Here are 5 essential oils that can help you boost your immunity:

Lavender1. Lavender

Lavender has a calming and relaxing effect to your mind and body. Making it ideal to give you a better night’s sleep. When you allow yourself to have a better sleep then you are allowing your body to restore and heal itself naturally.

Encourage your overall well-being by diffusing Lavender essential oil in your bedroom. Or put a few drops of oil on your feet.

2. Thieves

Thieves is an essential oil blend composed of cinnamon, eucalyptus, rosemary, lemon, clove oils. It can be added to your drinks to support the immune system in its fight the possible signs of a cold.

You can also protect your surroundings and keep them clean. Thieves powerful properties can help keep surfaces clean and support the immune system.

Lemon Essential Oil3. Lemon

Get rid of the toxins in your body by adding a few drops of Lemon essential oil into your drinking water. Lemon essential oil is derived from lemon rind that powerfully supports the body’s detoxification process.

Like Thieves, Lemon essential oil can also be used as a household cleaner. Just prepare two cups of water and add 10 drops of Lemon essential oil to make your spray cleaner. Remove the bad odors in your home and enjoy its refreshing aroma, all while improving your immune system.

4. Valor

This oil will not only help you improve your courage and confidence but will also give you a good night’s rest. Just put a few drops of Valor on the pulse points of your body, to your neck and feet to experience its effect. Valor has an amazing aroma that is often used as perfume or cologne.

Peppermint Essential Oil5. Peppermint

Being one of the most versatile essential oils, Peppermint can be used topically to aid in digestion. It boosts alertness when inhaled, and can be added to tea.

Essential oils can really play a big part when you incorporate them in your daily life. Try using these Essential Oils To Boost Immunity!

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