Essential Oils to Relieve Your Stress

Essential Oils to Relieve Your Stress

Use Young Living Essential Oils And Gently Relieve Your Stress!

Essential Oils to Relieve Your Stress

Essential oils and aromatherapy strategies are your ultimate keys to staying calm and relaxed and coping with daily stress. Your health and well-being depends on it. Here are some ideas on how to relax your mind and body naturally.

Take A Deep Breath

When things get out of hand remember: Take a deep breath. Breathing deeply is the single most important therapy for any health condition. When you are breathing, take in a short breath, breathe out as long a you can. This breathing strategy will rejuvenate you! It is not your colon, who gets rid of waste so much, as does your breath. Using essential oils like Peace & Calming or Stress Away will greatly improve your experience.

Straighten Up

Take time to manage your surrounding because it will help you remove the distraction. Straighten up and organize your environment where you work, like your office or home. Making your space simple and organized will help you stay focussed on your task ahead.

Take a Short Walk

During breaktime take a short walk outside your office walls. Go into nature, enjoy the elements, stretch your muscles, and breathe in fresh air! This will refresh you and get your circulation flowing.


We all don’t have much free time for ourselves. But do take time for meditation or contemplation. Dedicate 20 minutes of your time for your inner renewal. Even if you just take a few minutes out of your time, these minutes are just enough to help your mind calm down and make for a more peaceful day.

You can take your “special time” to the next level by diffusing or applying a few drops of essential oils. While doing a meditation, you can topically put essential oils to your temples, your heart, the nape of your neck, or to the soles of your feet. Here are the following Young Living essential oils that will support you.

  • Essential oils for spiritual awareness are Frankincense, Idaho Balsam Fir, Hinoki, Juniper, Hong Kuai, Pine, or Sacred Frankincense.
  • To help you control your negative feelings, use Ylang Ylang.
  • To enhance your spirituality and meditation, try Inspiration.
  • For a positive outlook on life and to boost self confidence, Jasmine is the essential oil that will help.
  • Ward off those negative emotions with Palo Santo.
  • Myrtle has the power to uplift emotions.
  • To help you clear your mind from stress, Lemon Myrtle comes to the rescue.
  • Humility promotes emotional awareness and deeper spirituality.
  • Know your limitless potential! Awaken will help you heighten your awareness.
  • Present Time will help you sharpen your focus.
  • To encourage the feeling of your faith and strength, use Believe essential oil.
  • Magnify joy and peace in your life with the help of Abundance. It will also help you attract prosperity.
  • Let harmony and balance be present in your life and release anger and frustration by using Release essential oil.
  • Uplift your thoughts and replace those negative beliefs. Transformation will help you achieve that.

These simple activities with the use of essential oils are only some of the great ways to get rid of all the stress in your life and to stay calm and relaxed.

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