Slique Bars: The Healthful Snack

Slique Bars: The Healthful Snack

The Slique Bars is Young Living’s answer of bringing a healthful snack full of “good” calories to you. Slique Bars supply much-needed calories along with other essential health benefits.

It is part of the Slique product line to help people maintain a healthy weight using the right tools.

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about the new Slique Bars:

What are the special ingredients in Slique Bars?
There are many nutritious ingredients in our Slique Bars. This product contains baru nuts, goldenberries, wolfberries potato skin extract, cacao nibs, and essential oils of vanilla, orange and cinnamon bark.

What are baru nuts and goldenberries?

Baru nuts are nutrient-dense nuts sourced with great difficulty from remote areas in Brazil. Goldenberries are delicious, tart berries sourced from the Amazon regions of South America.

What makes cacao nibs a special ingredient?

It is a special ingredient in this snack because D. Gary Young has developed a proprietary low-heat dehydration process to ensure that our cacao nibs retain more of the cacao’s beneficial flavonoids and amino acids.

How do Slique Bars help me lose weight?
Slique Bars helps manage satiety using a dual-target approach. First, Slique Bars’ components promote satiation. These components are unique combinations of proteins, fats, calories, and high fiber (containing 8 grams of total fat per serving). Second, it makes you feel full longer because it contains clinical amounts of potato skin extract.

Are Slique Bars gluten free?
Yes, Slique Bars are gluten free!

How many calories are in Slique Bars?
People don’t need to worry about too much calories, because it only contains 140 calories per 35 gram bar. Slique Bars are perfect snacks designed for the whole family to enjoy.


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